A natural flush – My Blush Collection

As I mentioned before, I have a tendency to look like I am ill.

Or have had way to little sleep (which is true most of the time).
Blush Collection
My Blush Collection


To stop people from making me sit down and have a glass of water, I rely heavily on the power of blush, both powder and cream.
Again, this little overview is MAC-heavy, just because I genuinely love their products and bought a lot of them back in the days.

The Neutrals

If you would have asked me before I wrote this post which color blushes I owned the most, I would have said “Coral” without thinking twice.
Boy, I was wrong!
Blush Collection - The neutrals
Starting at twelve o´clock, going clockwise: “Garb”, “Blush all day”, “Prim & Proper”, “Semi Precious”, “Personal Style”, “Harmony” (all MAC)
“Garb”: Sheertone Blush, a warm golden brown.
“Blush all day”: Pro Longwear Blush, a rose brown
“Prim &Proper”: Satin, a rose brown
“Semi Precious”: MSF, a plummy brown
“Personal Style”: Beauty Powder Blush, a true neutral brown
“Harmony”: Matte, a taupe brown, great for contouring
Swatches from left to right: “Garb”, “Blush all day”, “Prim & Proper”, “Semi Precious” (Center Colors), “Semi Precious” (All Colors), “Harmony”

The Corals

Not as many as I thought, but as you can see all well loved and left with a dent.
Blush Collection - The corals
L to R: “Instant Chic” (MAC), “Orgasm” (NARS), “Fleet Fast” (MAC)
“Instant Chic”: Sheertone Blush, a true coral (MAC)
“Orgasm”: A more pink toned coral with lots of golden shimmer (NARS)
“Fleet Fast”: Satin, pinker than “Instant Chic”, but more orange than “Orgasm” (MAC)
Swatches L to R: “Instant Chic”, “Orgasm”, “Fleet Fast”

The Peaches

My favorite color as soon as the weather gets warmer. Again, all MAC.
Blush Collection - The peach
L to R: “Warmth of Coral”, “Peach Blossom”
“Warmth of Coral”: Mineralize Blush, despite the name more peach than coral on me.
“Persistent Peach”: Blush Ombre, recently repromoted. Mine is several years old and well loved.
L to R: “Warmth of Coral”, “Peach Blossom”

The Creams

I only got into cream blushes about two years ago, so this part of my collection is the most likely to grow.
I sneakily ordered the MAC Cream Blush in “P.S. I like you” and didn’t include it here, but will do a separate post with it some time soon. Update: Read here!
Blush Collection - The creams
L to R: “Soft Candy” (Max Factor), “Floral Glam” (Essence), “Soft Cardinal” (Max Factor)
“Soft Candy”: A true red, on the warmer side.
“Floral Glam”: Cream to Powder Blush from a long gone LE, a true red.
“Soft Cardinal”: A warm pink, great worn as eyeshadow (see here)
L to R: “Soft Candy”, “Floral Glam”, “Soft Cardinal”
A lot of products, but most of them already have a dent and I even hit pan on “Blush all day” (great for long days, because it really last all day). I use blush every single day.
Looking at my collection, I guess I´ll take it easy on the browns for the time coming and try to find some more pinks and/or berry tones…
Which color dominates your blush stash?
What would you think I am missing?
And are you a cream or a powder girl?


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