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I think it is safe to say that I have a weakness for face mists. I mean, I hauled two in my latest Low Buy Update (that you can read here) and have already purchased three more.

Which, in my defense, came in a set. So one purchase, three face mists, and cheaper than when I had purchased them individually. Look at me, trying to find reason for a completely unreasonable purchase again…


Beauty Low Buy 2019
Arms full of new stuff


I mean, I do own eight face mists in total now, not counting an unopened bottle of the Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Face Mist that I got as a GWP last year. And as much as I enjoy them, I am well aware that they are more „skintertainment“ than actual heavy duty skin care, so not the part in your routine you should blow your money on…



Be right back, misting my face in an attempt to feel less guilty!


Mario Badescu Face Mists
Mario Badescu Face Mists


The purchase I am referring to is this trio of Mario Badescu Facial Sprays, the „Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea“ with antioxidants and hydration, the „Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs and Rosewater“ for hydration and glow and the „Facial Spray with Aloe, Chamomile and Lavender“ for soothing, hydration and antixodants. They are 8,99 € when purchased individually and the trio came for 19,99 €.

I have sprayed all of them already and can tell you they smell delicious, but it is too early to comment on any other effects yet.


St Tropez 1 Hour Express Tan
St Tropez 1 Hour Express Tan


The second thing I purchased was a travel set containing a mini size of the St Tropez 1 Hour Tan and a complimentary tanning mitt, perfect to quickly bronze up my pale legs before we went on holiday.

I tend to rely on the St Tropez Gradual Tan during summer (it is fool proof and I really am no expert), but I simply did not have the time to gradually build up the desired intensity this time – I needed to tan basically 48 hours before we left.

The set was 12,99 €, which means…

Total amount of money spend on beauty: 32,98 €


Vitayes Ageback Instant Lifting Cream
Vitayes Ageback Instant Lifting Cream


And then there was of course PR. To break things up, I am NOT going to start with pixi this time, but with the Vitayes Ageback Instant Lifting Cream.

You might remember my review of the Avon Anew Platinum Instant Eye Smoother, a cream that was designed to temporarily conceal wrinkles by creating a film underneath the eye.

Well, this product is similar, but with more added skin care benefits for a long term effect. It contains the peptide Argireline (read more about Peptides in Skincare here) that over the course of time aims to reduce wrinkles. You basically conceal the wrinkles while fighting them.

I have yet to try it on my eyes, but I´ll make sure to report back.


pixi Retinol Line
pixi Retinol Line and pixi Zero Zit


After their Glow Tonic line and their Vitamin C line (I am almost done with my reviews!), pixi came out with a Retinol line, and I was lucky to receive the whole set.

I already reviewed the pixi Retinol Tonic here, it was released earlier this year, and while I did not see a huge difference on my retinol experienced skin, I passed it on to my sister (her skin is more sensitive than mine) and she enjoyed it.

The line now consists of the pixi Jasmine Retinol Cleanser that contains Retinylpalmitate, a very weak form of Retinoid and several plant extracts. I don´t think you will get much Retinol effect from it, but then again, I don´t think you would from any cleanser.

Next is the pixi Jasmine Retinol Lotion, which also features Retinylpalmitate along with Shea Butter and Peptides. This is probably more aimed at those that experienced strong reactions to retinoids in the past and want to start really gentle, not for experienced retinoid users. The cream itself is nourishing, not lightweight like you might expect when you read lotion.

The item I was most excited about is the pixi Overnight Retinol Oil. It does contain Retinol (in the middle of the ingredient list) and Retinylpalmitate among the first five ingredients, so I do expect a little more oomph from it than I do from the other products. I have already tried Sunday Riley Luna and the Instytutum RetinOil and can´t wait to see how this one compares.

Last, but in my opinion definitely not least is the pixi Jasmine Retinol Eye Cream – I am a huge fan of gentle retinol eye creams (my favorite being the pretty expensive Instytutum Ultimate Anti Wrinkle Brightening Eye Cream), so I already put this one in my skincare rotation. It does contain Retinol in the middle of the ingredient list, so let´s see if I can see a difference.

Also not part of the Retinol line, but definitely noteworthy is the pixi Zero Zit. Contrary to your usual spot treatments that work with salicylic acid, this one features Sulphur as active ingredient. Sulphur is very effective at drying out spots, but is also alkaline, so best suited as spot treatment rather than overall preventative measure.

I already had one cystic spot pop up on my skin that I felt went down faster with the treatment than it probably would have otherwise, but I´ll test a little longer and then report back – my current French diet of croissants and cheese should provide me with enough opportunities.

Out of all these items I would have purchased the pixi Overnight Retinol Oil, the pixi Retinol Jasmine Eye Cream and the pixi Zero Zit myself, so

Total amount of money saved through PR: 70 $

Way better than last month!

Which product would you like to see reviewed first?


Beauty Low Buy 2019 August Update
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