Beauty Low Buy 2019 – May Update

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If I tell you now that the amount of PR I receive almost tripled since I started doing my Beauty Low Buy 2019, would you believe me?
Not that I am complaining, I love the surprise packages arriving at my door step and it still is an amount that allows me to review everything for you (even though I am very careful with what I put on my face). But I would never have imagined that there would be PR to show you every single month. (Might well be that I jinxed myself right now. We will see.)


mark by Avon Color Crush Spring Color Story
mark by Avon Color Crush Spring Color Story

So while that may interfere with the purpose of a Beauty Low Buy Update, I still think it is beneficial to keep doing things that way. For one it keeps you in the loop of what I am currently testing and leave your requests on what you want to see reviewed first.
And second, maybe as important, it keeps my Beauty Low Buy real. I mean, it is way easier not to give into temptation when you have exciting new things at home anyway.

But without further ado, let’s see how the month of May went shopping wise.

I purchased… nothing. Well, no beauty stuff, so no makeup, skin or hair care. I DID buy some clothes, but that will be part of my Capsule Wardrobe Update that will go live tomorrow.


So, total amount of money spend on beauty: 0 €


I did however receive some PR. At first a surprise package from Mark by Avon (the “younger” part of the beauty brand already known to our mothers).
They were kind enough to send me one of their three spring makeup looks, and of course it was the one way out of my comfort zone. The products kept sitting on my vanity, tempting me to finally do something other than my usual neutral smokey daytime eye.
Challenge accepted!


mark by Avon Spring Color Story
mark by Avon Spring Color Story

Other than the colors being, well, colorful, they were also vibrant, easy to build up to high intensity, easy to blend and did (on my trusted Urban Decay Primer Potion) last all day. I already reviewed the mark Liquid Lipsticks here, so other than the color being not flattering against my skin I can recommend that one as well. The holographic lipstick topper… I admit I don’t know what to say about it. It surely works, should you feel the need to add a holographic blueish coat over a lipstick of your choice – but I don’t.

The total worth of that set came up to 34 € (14 € for the eyeshadow palette and 10 € each for the Transformer Lipstick and the Liquid Lipstick, all available here), but I didn’t count it against my Beauty Low Buy because I wouldn’t have purchased them on my own.

The next parcel fit much better in my usual routine: the pixi skintreats Vitamin C skin care line. I did a full overview on their Rose-Infused skin care line here and I plan to do something similar for the Vitamin C line too, but it will take some time to work my way through everything, so lets take a quick look at what was inside.


pixi skintreats Vitamin C skin care line
pixi skintreats Vitamin C skin care line

The pixi Vitamin C cleanser is first, which seems to be some kind of micellar water. It has a pump, quite unique, but not the best if you try to avoid cotton pads.

The Vitamin-C Toner is another addition to the pixi Toner family (I reviewed the Glow Tonic, the Retinol Tonic and the Rose Tonic before). I already used it a few times and can tell you I am besotted with the scent. Fresh and citrus-sweet, like the lemonade my parents allowed us to have on our yearly Italian holiday.

The pixi Vitamin-C Serum has been moved to the top of the review list thanks to numerous requests on Insta Stories. It seems to be the most potent in terms of Ascorbic Acid concentration, but I need a little more time before I can share my final thoughts.

There is of course a moisturizer, the pixi Vitamin-C Lotion with added Ferulic Acid for even more antioxidant properties that I have yet to try, and then the pixi Vitamin-C Caviar Balm. That one is a brightening leave on mask with encapsulated Vitamin C, Ferulic Acid and Probiotics, and anything brightening is always very welcome come summer.

I admit I wanted to try everything the minute I learned about the release, so I´ll count it full against the Beauty Low Buy. Which means:


Total amount of money saved because of PR: 142,45 €


Quite a lot! What would you like to see reviewed first?


Beauty Low Buy 2019
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