Best of Beauty 2017 – My makeup and skincare favorites

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I am not one to dwell in the past.

Yes, the things that happen to us do shape and affect us, no denying that. But I do believe that it is my choice what defines me.

On some occasions though, I immerse myself in times (long) gone, relive sensual experiences in my mind, remember scents, textures, pleasure…


Best of beauty 2017 - makeup and skincare
Best of beauty 2017 – makeup and skincare


Wait, that sounds like I am referring to a kinky paperback with a castle and someone in a ripped dress on the front. I am not!

I am actually talking about the Best of Beauty 2017! I am here to share with you what I loved the most, be it makeup or skincare in the past year.

Questionable reading choices might be discussed elsewhere…


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Now to the “rules” that apply to these videos:

I only feature things that I discovered in 2017. Things that appeared in other yearly favorites videos (here and here for example) are most likely still among my regular picks, but I don´t want to be too repetitive.

Due to the fact that I try not to buy too much stuff, some of the products are new only as in new to me. You may have heard about them years ago already, I can be quite late to the party sometimes.

Not literally, obvious, these days I am early to parties so I can get back to my bed in a reasonable time!



Products mentioned

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipstick (Review)
pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm* (Review)
essence longlasting lipliner
Guerlain Sun Tonic (Review)
Too Faced Love Flush blush (Review)
Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette (Review)
Caudalie Grape Water (Review)
pixi Vitamin Wakeup Mist* (Review)
Instytutum Triple Effect Peel* (Review)
Instytutum Serum* (Review)
Instytutum Eye Cream* (Review)
Zelens Power D Treatment Drops (Review)
klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Face Mask* (Review)


Have you tried any of these?


Best of Beauty 2017 - makeup and skincare
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