Quick makeup for mothers – and why I cared even if I only stayed at home.


Even when my daughter was just a few months old, I put on makeup every singe day. Why did I bother? After all, I spend most of my days at home, looking after a baby or typing away on my laptop. Apart from the postman stopping by, who should care?

Well, it is simple: I did.



Putting on make-up gets me started, the same way a quick shower and brushing my teeth does. I feel put together, ready to get something done and, as cheesy as that sounds, more like myself.

Of course, I by no means put on a full face of make-up. Especially during the first weeks after my daughter was born, quick and easy was the way to go. So if you are in a similar situation – here is my quick 5 minute makeup for new moms (and other busy people!)


Sometimes you rarely recognize your reflection in the mirror… Teething baby, anyone?



I find that when I am really tired, concealer on its own won’t be enough to cover my dark circles, which is why I opt for a peachy corrector first. (More info: What causes dark circles and how can you treat them?) The one I am using is from the MAC Studio Fix Conceal & Correct Palette


To keep it quick and easy, I then dabbed some cream eyeshadow on my lids, one of the lighter colors with a bit of shimmer for some light reflection. It instantly males you look more awake! Maybelline Color Tattoos are a great choice.



Curl your lashes and apply mascara. With my lashes that are blonde at the tips, mascara would be a desert island product. In fact, most of these would be. (More info: L’Oréal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara Review)



Due to my acne and red marks, I like at least a light layer of coverage, and BB Creams or Tinted Moisturizers are a great option for that. One of my favorites is by Laura Mercier, but Garnier has a good drugstore alternative if you want to spend less. (More info: Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer Review)



As I am pretty pale, blush is a must. If your skin has more of a natural flush, you might be able to skip that step. I like cream blushes again for their convenience (and because they don’t require me using a brush), and while I do have some from MAC, I think there are great ones at the drugstore as well, especially the Max Factor Cream Puff blushes.


For my eyebrows a quick brush through with a tinted gel is all I did, just to keep them in place. Mine is from Alverde, a German in-store brand, but basically anyone will do if your brows aren’t too unruly.


And because my dark shadows are extra prominent, I like to go in with a little concealer that doubles up as inner corner highlight – the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer is creamy enough to not settle into fine lines and blends easily with your fingers.


And if you are feeling extra fancy, a little something on the lips. Either a light pink, a brownish nude or, if I really needed a power boost, red lipstick! (More info: What red lipstick means to me)



And the finished look. Nothing dramatic, but looks like a good nights sleep and a little effort.


If you don’t take pictures while doing it, you can be finished in about five minutes. Ideal for the busy mom on the go!

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