Changes – Not my typical blogpost

As the title gives away, I am here to talk about changes.

Necessary changes, that I briefly mentioned here already and that are based on the changes my life has gone through.

How many times can I say changes in the first paragraph?

The Baltic Sea in winter


Many of you will know already, I had my second child this month. And if you have children yourself (or know someone who has and suddenly disappeared completely), you will know how little time is suddenly left in your day for all the things you used to do before.

Like, sleep.


So for the time coming, there will be changes to my blogging and You Tube schedule.

Don’t worry, I will not disappear completely. At least I hope I won’t. I just need to reduce the amount of blogposts I do, based on the fact that I will not be able to write as much.

And based on the fact that I will not use as much makeup as I used to, at least in the first weeks.

So starting from today, these are my new content days:

Monday and Thursday 9 am. Thursdays will feature the new You Tube video and all the necessary background information, the video itself will go up on Wednesday late afternoon.

Let´s see how that works out…

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