Colors of autumn – My top three nail polish and lipstick picks

Being a self-proclaimed summer-lover I often forget how much I love to see the seasons changing.
Granted, I could do without the rain and the dull, grey days, but at least for a short time we were blessed with sun and blue skies.
Until the morning I sat down to write this post actually.
That day it started raining and hasn’t stopped since.

Colors of fall

But I digress.
The colorful leafs against the blue skies, the golden light from the evening sun, the grapes and the apples, all that makes me long for deeper, richer colors, so I took the opportunity to sort out my stash and pick a few shades that I will enjoy wearing for the time to come.

1. Lipsticks
1. P2 Pure Color Lipstick in “Corso Como”
Corso Como is a city as well as a song title, that much I know, but I have no idea if it has any other meaning. Maybe someone could help out? Carol?
The lipstick itself is a berry that leans on the red side, it is very creamy, quite moisturizing and transfers very easily. The lasting power is okay, it stays put for 3-4 hours without eating to drinking, but I need to reapply several times throughout the day.

P2 Corso Como

2. MAC “Dark Deed” (LE)
A berry again, this time leaning more on the brown side, and by far the darkest lipstick I own. I have worn it full on a few times, but for everyday use I tend to apply it with my fingers to create a stain. That stain lasts quite well, up to 5 hours without eating.
Swatched it looks very similar to “Corso Como”, but on the lips it is a completely different color.
The finish is “Amplified”, one of my favorite finishes from MAC.

MAC Dark Deed

3. MAC “Barons Rose” (LE)
A bronze with a golden sheen that dries down to a slightly berry stain. It looks almost metallic when first applied, but the finish isn’t “Frost” which I initially thought, but “Cremesheen”.
It was part of a holiday set years ago and I gravitate towards it every fall.
The initial color stays around one hour, before it settles to a berry stain that stays put for at least 5 hours without eating.

MAC Baron Rose

2. Nail polishes
1. Revlon Nail polish in 620 “Bewitching”
A red based berry (not as bright as in the picture below) that I received as a GWP earlier this year. So far I have only worn it on my toes, so I have to keep you updated how well it last on my hands. On day two we are still chip-free, which isn’t usually the case with my nails.
The brush is smaller than I would like and it needs two to three coats to get opaque.

Left to right: Revlon “Bewitching”, Essie “Sole Mate”, Alessandro “Number rubbed off”

2. Essie “Sole Mate”
Of course there had to be Essie, it is the brand that I own most polishes of, and of course there had to be a red. A very, very dark red, almost a burgundy that I love all year round, but especially now.
This polish needs two coats to be opaque, has a lovely wide brush and stays chip-free for around four days, which is actually good on my nails.

3. Allesandro “Number rubbed off” 😉
I got that one five years ago and opted for the trial size, because I knew I was never going to finish it anyway. Every fall I pull it out, really enjoy wearing it and still there is more than half of it left. How does anyone ever finish a bottle of polish?
It is a grey based violet that looks lovely against pale skin, has a small brush (trial size…), needs two to three coats and stays around four days chip free.

Are you enjoying a “Golden October” so far?
And which colors do you gravitate to at this time of the year?

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