Dior Diorskin Perfect Cushion Foundation – Skin type changing

My skin was very cooperative throughout the last weeks. Just a few days after I filmed my First Impressions video on the Dior Diorskin Perfect Cushion Foundation (what a name!) it decided to act up. It was turning from well-behaved to oil slick, from pretty clear to full of breakouts and then, within 24 hours, to dry, itchy and flaking.


Dior Diorskin Perfect Cushion Foundation


That of course had nothing to do with the foundation, I blame it on the change in weather we experienced, but it gave me the opportunity to really see how the Diorskin Perfect Cushion Foundation would perform. On any skin type.

For all of you not willing or able to watch the video, the loss of course is all yours. But I will sum up my thoughts underneath the clip (remember to watch in HD and on You Tube) so you only miss out on my sparkling personality *cough* and still get all the hard facts.



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What does Dior claim?

Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion boasts an incredibly fresh, fluid texture with a weightless sensation that delivers a light, matte, luminous veil of correction and perfects the skin’s texture, leaving nothing but the subtle finish of a fresh and velvety complexion.



Prize and size

The black, glossy compact (adorable but showing every finger print) contains 15 g and retails for 41,95 € on the website here. The refill is sold separately for 34,95 € (see here).


Texture and smell

Upon application I notice a fresh, cucumber like scent that disappears quickly. The texture feels very light, almost watery and is a pleasure to wear. It is one of these foundations that you forget you are wearing.


Application and effects

For review purposes, I have tried applying it with the sponge included, with a beauty blender and with a flat foundation brush. The coverage is medium, buildable to almost full and the finish is very natural. When applied with a beauty blender it leans more on the dewy side (never getting shiny though), when applied with a brush it has the best coverage. The application with the sponge is what gives me the desired coverage paired with a finish that even upon close application looks like skin. A slightly mattified skin, which is exactly what I am looking for. The Diorskin Perfect Cushion is marketed as matte, which in my humble opinion it isn´t. Matte is no-shine, no-dewy, powdered down 80s faces in my books, while this foundation provides effortless and 90s skin. But for once I am not complaining.



Now I did not test the claimed 16 hours, but my regular 12 hours of foundation days are no problem. In the video I noticed separating around my t-zone at around 3-4 hours, but with a little setting powder on top that was no longer an issue.


Which skin is it designed for?

I tried it on normal skin with a slightly oily t-zone and was really impressed.

On a face full of breakouts I did really enjoy the coverage.

When my skin turned very oily, the foundation did vanish a lot quicker (at around six hours) and I needed to blot down my t-zone several times, but with the compact at hand for touch ups that was not really an issue.

But with dry skin I had a hard time to make the foundation work. It did cling to all my dry patches, showing some I hadn´t even noticed before. Usually I combat that with mixing a little oil to the foundation before application, but how do you do that with a cushion? I tried applying the oil beforehand, but that seriously affected the wear time, so I finally settled for applying the foundation and the smoothing the tiniest amount of oil on top of the affected areas. Still not perfect regarding wear time and coverage, but way better than the flakiness it had been before.


Will I repurchase?

I am on the fence.

The finish is amazing and both staying power and coverage do impress me. But is it really worth the price for me? The texture sure is, but I guess I will see how long the compact is going to last until I make a final decision.


Who do I recommend it to?

Anyone in love with really lightweight, effortless looking makeup that still gives great coverage.

Anyone looking for a cushion that for once is not dewy (I can´t be the only one out there)

Anyone with dry skin though… Not the one for you.


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But, dear skin, now that this article is published, could you please calm down again and behave yourself?

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