Foundation Review Catrice 24 h Made to Stay Makeup

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The most efficient way to finish foundation? Apart from wearing it consistently, of course? Dropping the glass bottle on the bathroom tiles.

And a great way to test the waterproof claims, too.

How do I know that? Well, I did just that, a few weeks ago, when my bottle of Catrice 24 h Made to Stay makeup shattered on the tiles.


Catrice 24 h Made to Stay makeup
Catrice 24 h Made to Stay makeup


Just to be crystal clear: This is not the way I will be testing my foundations from now on. Trying to get it off the floor at 6 am (and yes, it is at least water resistant!) while already dressed in office attire is not recommended!


But if the Catrice 24 h Made to Stay Makeup is? Let´s find out!


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As always I played around with it for some time and then recorded my thoughts, the application process and how it wore for You Tube, so make sure to watch the video and then come back to pin this post for further reference!


The Claims

Lasts up to 24 hours, perfect coverage, mattifying, waterproof and enriched with anti-oxidants.



Catrice 24 h Made to Stay makeup
The pump


The Facts

One glass (beware!) bottle contains 30 ml and retails for 6,99 € on the website here. It comes with a pump, which is great, and only in four shades. A huge disappointment, especially as the color 005 Ivory Beige, the lightest one, is still a tad too dark for me in winter. To make up for that I mix in some from my The Body Shop Lightening Drops (Review here)


The Application

All means of application work, brushes, fingers and beautyblender, but out of the three I prefer the beautyblender. A brush will give the best coverage, but the finish isn´t as natural as I prefer it to be, and the foundation is quite runny, so not the best for fingers.

Oh, and a little goes a long way, half a pump to start with is enough!


The Finish

Matte, yes, but not completely matte. On my quite oily skin it looks natural when applied and gets a bit too glowy in the t-zone at the six hour mark. When applied with the beautyblender it looks very natural, a dense brush can make it a little too heavy.


The Coverage

Very good. Medium to full with a beautyblender, full with a brush.


The Feeling

It isn´t heavy by all means, but it isn´t a weightless foundation either. Not uncomfortable to wear, but I know that I wear foundation when it is on my face.


The Weartime

Now I obviously didn´t test the 24 hours claim, but I wore it for 12 hours+ and it stayed put. There was some minor rubbing off on my chin where I keep touching my face when working at the computer, but the coverage was still going strong.

What I didn´t like though, and that got worse with time, was that the makeup never truly melted into the skin. As the hours went on, I could see it sitting on top of my skin. Now that would only be noticeable from kissing distance, but sometimes we let someone that close, don´t we?


Catrice 24 h Made to Stay makeup
After 13 hours. Can you see what I mean by “sitting on the skin” and enhancing dry patches?

The Skintypes

Normal to combination or oily. I found this to accentuate dry patches, so if you have dry skin, you will need to make sure you are well moisturized.


The Final Verdict

It is an amazing foundation. For a specific purpose.

Much like the Estée Lauder Double Wear (Review here) it is a tad too much for me for every day, but one that I will use for weddings, photoshoots and filming.

And, other than Double Wear, it comes with a pump and for a fraction of the price!


Catrice 24 h Made to Stay makeup
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