Garancia Pscht Magique – Do you remember foam parties?

Once again I am going to embarrass myself by sharing memories of long gone times, times when a few of you weren’t even born yet, but I was already out there, wearing blue glitter eyeshadow and way too dark a foundation, ready for a fun Saturday night out!

It was the age of foam parties, and even though I just attended one in my “wild young days”, they were all the rage.

You basically entered a big room that got covered in foam, there was a lot of music, very little clothing and everything turned wet and slippery. Sounds strange? I agree, but it was actually fun in a very strange way.


Garancia Pscht Magique, the LE packaging
Garancia Pscht Magique, the LE packaging


Now the product I am going to talk about today has absolutely nothing in common with trashy mid-nineties foam parties. Except that it is a foam and that it feels kind of strange, but in a funny way.

It is the Garancia Pscht Magique New Skin and is a cleanser, marketed as micro peeling treatment.


What Garancia claims:

Inspired by Japanese* beauty rituals to purify the skin, Garancia Pschtt Magic® is a micropeeling treatment that contains no abrasive particles, no glycolic acid and works in 30 seconds flat.

It’s magic! It transforms the quality of your skin texture day in day out. Containing soap-free plant-based cleansing agents, it is specifically designed to suit sensitive skin. It replaces your usual skin cleansing product and forms the first step of your morning beauty routine!

Garancia Pschtt Magic New Skin® envelops your skin in a soft cloud of ultra-smooth mousse that acts in seconds, without abrasive particles or rubbing involved. Its active ingredients “melt” the dead cells and give the skin the ability to regenerate itself from the inside out


Prize and size

One bottle, consisting of an air-tight container with a pump, contains 100 ml and retails for 30,50 € here. My super cute shiny packaging is actually a ten year limited edition one, so the bottles you may come across might look different. I have been using it consistently for more than three months and it still feels like there is a lot of product left.

Texture and smell

As to be expected, the product comes out of the pump a foam, a little firmer than your usual one and very easy to apply to your face. I didn’t notice any particular smell. One pump was enough for my whole face, one and a half were needed for face and neck.


Garancia Pscht Magique - one pump
Garancia Pscht Magique – one pump


Application and effects

When applied to the skin, you will start to feel the faintest tingling  sensation, as if lots of small air bubbles would pop against your skin. It is a very pleasant sensation, one that brought a smile to my face after application, and lasts for around two minutes. The foam slowly diminishes and can be rinsed off or taken off with a wash cloth easily.

Now I didn’t experience a “magical transformation” of my skin´s texture, but I did feel it was a refreshing and very gentle cleanse that surely helped in getting rid of dead skin cells and congestion.


Favorable ingredients:

  • Glycerin: Moisturizing
  • Lemon Fruit Water: Rich in Vitamin C, brightening
  • Rosa Damascene Flower Water: Toning, improves texture
  • Centaurea Cyanus Flower Water: Antioxydant, anti-inflammatory, firming
  • Witch Hazel Water: Salicylic Acid (BHA), refining skin texture, anti-acneic
  • Camelia Sinensis Leaf Water: anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory
  • Cucumber Fruit Extract: Vitamin C and A, texturizing, fighting hyper pigmentation, toning
  • Bacillus Ferment: Firming, anti-oxidant

Unfavorable Ingredients:

  •  Fragrance (last on the ingredient list)


Does it live up to its claims?

Most of them.

I don’t buy into magical transformations, so I wouldn’t agree on this one, but it sure helps in increasing cell turnover and removing congestions while being very gentle and free from abrasive particles.


Will I rebuy?


As someone with a firm love for acid exfoliants, I don’t feel like I need another product to micro exfoliate, and even though I really enjoy the uniqueness, I feel it is more suited to a different skin type than mine.


Who do I recommend it to?

If you have sensitive skin and want to try a very gentle way of exfoliation, this one is great.

If you are into unique textures and a little bit of magic, this is a fun and effective product to try.

If you want an quick and easy step towards brighter skin, give it a go.


Do you know that product?

And have you ever attended a foam party?


Oh, and have you seen yesterdays bonus video?

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