Getting back into shape Part II – My post-baby body: Success and a setback

If you have read Part I of my journey ( if not, click here), you may know that I have struggled a lot to loose my baby weight and return to my former sportive lifestyle.
At the beginning of this year I still had some stamina to regain and 4 kg to drop, and I was determined to keep going.

Getting back into shape post-baby

Working out when you are a new mum is hard, so I decided to stick to short and sweaty workouts, HIIT and strength instead of relying on long cardio sessions and hours at the gym.

The “Bikini Body Mommy Guide” had been great for the first time, “Blogilates” hadn’t been what I enjoyed, so I turned to “Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide” next.

Other than the before mentioned programs it isn’t free, but retails for 44 € if you only want the 12-week workout plan.
It is recommended to get the accompanying “Healthy eating and Lifestyle plan”, but I knew I wouldn’t stick to that anyway, so I saved myself some money.

When purchasing this guide, you get 16 weeks of workouts, 4 being a “pre-training” (highly recommended if you aren’t very athletic already) and 12 being the regular guide. There is HIIT strength three times a week as well as 45 minutes of cardio 2-3 times a week, with walking being the recommended exercise (great to get the stroller and get moving).

Now I have to say I didn’t experience the awesome transformations many of the other users share online, which is mainly because I didn’t stick to the meal plans but kept on eating pretty much like I was before: Healthy, but with the occasional slip and a big love for food.

But the results I got were amazing. I was toned, fit and completely sore four days a week, feeling great.

Then I got back to work and kind of lost my workout mojo, but as I missed it a lot I finally got back in the saddle in May and started the guide all over again.
Everything went well until July.

I was exhausted, wanted to sleep all day long and despite almost completely loosing my appetite (very unusual for me) I gained weight.
Not much, but after a few weeks my bras and jeans didn’t fit anymore and my waist had completely disappeared.

14 weeks baby bump

Now what had happened? You may have guessed it by now:

I am pregnant. 14 weeks today, and we couldn’t be happier.
Apart from loosing my shape again and being tired 24/7 everything was smooth sailing so far, so I will patiently watch my belly grow and my muscles disappear, knowing that I can get back into shape once again.

And it is true what they say: You start showing way earlier with the second one.

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