Hairloss after pregnancy – The nightmare continues

When the postpartum hairloss kicked in after my first child, I was completely freaking out. Never in my life had I lost so much hair, and I do shed quite a lot on a regular basis anyway.


Hairloss after pregnancy
Hairloss after pregnancy


Now, the second time around, I was prepared. But that didn’t help with the freaking out part, to be honest. The only thing that helped me staying calm(er) this time around is the things I have learned about hairloss after pregnancy.

So here is a video, telling you all I know and all you can do when you are affected as well.

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Please don’t forget to watch in HD for the best experience.


If you want to read more about other causes of hairloss, I can highly recommend THIS blogpost by Lulle.

And if you want to know what your hair really needs, have a read HERE.

Oh, and here is a tutorial on the look I am wearing.


Have you ever experienced hairloss and if you did, how did you deal with it?




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