How to make the most of a break

Don’t get me wrong, I love an evening on the couch binge watching Netflix as much as everyone else. But if you are really exhausted, that just won’t cut it in terms of recovery.

Emotional and mental fatigue are a common problem in these fast paced times, and they can have a huge impact not only on your quality of life, but on your creativity as well.


How to recharge your energy
How to recharge your energy


Not long ago I felt fatigué, was contemplating quitting this blog and You Tube and creating content was cumbersome (read why).

So what did I do to come back recharged and full of motivation?

I filmed a video with my 5 top tips for you (please do excuse the sound, I was experimenting and it obviously failed), but feel free to pin this blog post for further reference.



Get physical

I am not talking exercise here (although I highly encourage you to get moving). Take the break to listen to your body and figure out your own rhythm. Don’t eat and sleep by the clock, see when you are actually hungry or tired and build your schedule around that.

And get physical in expressing emotions. When things get hectic, cuddles are usually one of the first things to be dropped, which leads to less Oxytocin in our brains, making us feel even more stressed.


Learn something new

Preferably something that has very little in common with what you usually do. We relax best when we are focussing on a new adventure, and learning a new skill makes us feel accomplished and increases how successful we feel about life in general.

Don’t forget: Bore-out is as real as Burn-out.


Reflect on your goals

The best break will not last you long if you just get back to doing whatever it was you were doing beforehand. Obviously you need to change something, but figuring out what it is can be near to impossible when you are stuck in a rut.

Evaluate where you are now, where you want to go and if the goals you committed to earlier are still the ones you want to achieve.

Once you get that straight, chances are you’ll find a few things that no longer serve your new purpose and can be dropped.


Stay away from social media

For real. No quick scrolling, no just checking. Social media is a time consuming black hole that will suck you in. Even if you decide to not post, just seeing what everyone else is up to, which brands they are working with, which milestones they are reaching will stress you out.

You’ll soon realize which ones you really miss and which ones you are secretly happy to be rid of.


Focus on a secondary skill

Once you have figured out what goals you want to focus on in the time coming, ask yourself which skills you need to support them. If it is Instagram growth, you’ll need to improve your photography. If it is You Tube, videography and editing are incredibly important.

So before you throw yourself back in the hustle of creating content for the platform you prioritize, take the time you have now (being away from social media really adds so many hours to the day!) and hone that skill.

That way you will work towards your goals without actually working, prevent that nagging feeling that you really should improve XY, but never really have the time to do so and will leave you feeling prepared and accomplished.


Oh, and do binge on a great show. Life is too short to skip that completely.


How to recharge your energy
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