How to manage Blog, Kids and a full time job – my first ever Q + A

When this video goes live, it will be at the end of my holiday. One glorious week spend with Mr. Loca and the kids in Southern Germany, in Obersdorf to be precise. A proper family holiday with zero, and I repeat: ZERO blog work done.


My first ever Q+A – Grab some tea!


Ah, the irony! Because in the video, my first ever Q and A, I answer a few questions. No surprise here, this is the purpose of that kind of video after all. The main topic everyone seems to be interested in however is: How do you fit everything into 24 hours?

Spoiler alert: There is no secret. I simply invest every spare minute. Sounds hard? It is, but I found a quote that sums up my feelings in an obviously exaggerated way:

“Everyone must choose one of two pains: The pain of discipline or the pain of regret.”

Now I am not exactly sure if I will feel the same way after I get back from my break, but given that I am very disciplined (food being the main exception), chances are this will not be my last video.


Of course there are a few other topics addressed, like learning a new language, kids (both present and potentially planned), my actual job and skincare science stuff.

But the main part of this (rather long video) is the do´s and don´ts of fitting kids and career, husband and home, anything and everything basically into your life without going insane.


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Being organized is of course a huge help, and I do love me some Excel spreadsheets and my Wunderlist app to stay on track, but the one thing that actually makes the biggest difference is NOT doing a huge amount of things. Like Twitter chats.

I made one decision regarding my social media presence long ago: If I can´t schedule it, it is not going to happen. Of course I will try to share spontaneous thoughts and moments, but anything that requires more dedication than randomly picking up my phone for a quick chat is off limits. No strategies, no plan to increase following, nothing like that. And you know what? It is really liberating.

So go get some snacks and see if you learn something new about me!


This is not a sponsored blog post.


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