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After a very busy few months that barely left me time to shower, let alone think about buying new skincare, I suddenly found myself with time on my hands and a ton of new releases right at the tip of my cursor.


Huge Summer Skincare Haul
It started with some hair care…


A recipe for disaster I can tell you, at least for my bank account, but also a great reason to film a huge skincare (and hair care and even makeup) haul, right in time before I clock off for a 4 week holiday – what better time to get testing? A completely rhetorical question I admit, as literally ANY time is better to start testing new skincare than the one where you embark on an Overlander Road Trip, supposed to travel light, but let´s just ignore that, shall we?




The Inkey List Hair Care
Just four out of eight, I didn´t buy them all.


The Inkey List Hair Care

I think this purchase was heavily influenced by the fact that I haven´t been to the hairdresser in ages and it really shows, with my ends being dry and my roots revealing the fact that I have more greys than I care to admit. In times like these I tend to spend more money than usual on my hair that normally (I admit) gets neglected. I my defense though I have been a huge fan of The Inkey List for a while now, which is well documented on here, so I could not miss the opportunity to see if their hair care works as good for me as their skincare does.

Even if it might look that way, I did of course not purchase everything they launched, missing is the Anti-Gray one (I am going to dye over them anyway), the Vitamin C Brightening one (because again: bleach), the Chia Seed Curl Treatment (because my hair has maybe a slight wave, but certainly not a curl) and the Peptide Volumizing Hair Treatment (what can I say, I just don´t like volume in my roots, I feel it makes my head look too big).

Still I have a lot to try: The Caffeine Stimulating Scalp Treatment (because above the age of 40 thinning hair becomes an issue), the Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Scalp Treatment (my scalp is not itchy, but with  exercise and oily roots prone to buildup), the Shea Oil Nourishing Hair Treatment (because I love a good hair oil and wanted to compare them) and the Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Hair Treatment (because my ends are frizzy).

Which one are you most interested in?


The Inkey List skincare
And then some more skincare bits were added…


The Inkey List Skin Care

What can I say, I was browsing their site for the hair care and just like that a few skincare items happened to jump into my basket – don´t tell me that never happened to you! The Inkey List Retinol Eye Cream is frequently asked for as a review on my YouTube channel, The Inkey List Alpha Arbutin is basically research for an upcoming video focussing on Alpha Arbutin as ingredient and the same is true for their PHA Toner.

No new releases, but everything new to me and overdue a review.


K-Beauty Haul
And even some K-Beauty made the cut!


The Tonic15 haul – Dipping my toe into K-Beauty

Put your money where your mouth is – that is what I did here. I admit that the shop Tonic15 was not on my radar until the #BlackLivesMatter movement inspired their founder to do two things:

  1. Pledge 10% of their profits in June to donate to two charities in the UK that support Black people
  2. Launch “The 15”, a quarterly partnership between them and 15 creators from diverse backgrounds.

Not going to lie, it helped that among the first chosen 15 were quite a few of my dear Instagram friends (like @ummbaby @jasminetalksbeauty @bdqblog or @zarrine_beautyjunkie), but even without that I think it is a great thing to do.

So I took the plunge and purchased a few cult favorites in K-Beauty. The dear klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask (that I know I love and that I already reviewed here), the klairs Supple Preparation Unscented Toner, the by Wishtrend Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water and the by Wishtrend Pure Vitamin C 15% with Ferulic Acid, supposed to be a dupe for the SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic one. Something I will never be able to judge because I never bit the bullet and spent 165 € on the Skin Ceuticals offer.

And as Gift With Purchase I received the travel size klairs Supple Preparation Toner in the scented version and a travel size of the I´m from Mugwort Mask, both with enough product in to warrant a full review – seems like I am finally expanding my knowledge in K-Beauty after all.


And then some makeup bits

And the first makeup bit was actually bought for a skincare video – I had so many questions about how to reapply SPF over a full face of makeup, I decided to add that topic to my Ask Doctor Anne Sunscreen videos. And because I don´t only want to talk about the different ways, but also demonstrate them, I needed a sunscreen cushion! They are not really common in Germany though, so I settled for the klairs Mochi BB Cushion Pact with LSF 40/ PA++, as it was the one I could get within a sensible time frame.

Another quite common repurchase here is mascara. I am usually not that worried about expiration dates on my makeup, but if I use it around the eyes, I tend to pay a little more attention. This time I purchased two: the first one was the Maybelline Total Temptation one, which isn´t groundbreaking, but works good enough. Why I purchased a second one then? Because there is a special place in hell for people that put a brown mascara in the rack that reads “Deep Black”!

If I am not going for a very natural look, I want black mascara, brown just doesn´t do it for me. The L´Oréal False Lash Architect is black, I triple checked that, so I currently have two mascaras open.

And that´s it! Quite a lot, but as I can test simultaneously on my hair and face and eyes, I am positive that I can provide you with the first reviews within six weeks.

What do you want to see first?


A huge summer skincare haul featuring The Inkey List, dear klairs and by wishtrend
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