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When I was offered to test the NEWA+ Cordless RF Wrinkle Reduction Device, one word in the name got me all excited. And no, it wasn’t “Wrinkle Reduction”, which would technically be two words anyway. It was “cordless”!


NEWA+ RF Wrinkle Reduction Device with a tube of gel on a marbled surface in front of white flowers on a dark background
NEWA+ Cordless RF Wrinkle Reduction Device


As someone that uses several different skincare devices and specifically a radiofrequency one since summer 2023, anything that I can do from wherever I want, not relying on a power outlet within reach is a huge win. Especially as radiofrequency treatments can take time if you have several areas you want to treat.

But other than being cordless, how did the NEWA+ hold up compared to the rest of my collection?



What the NEWA+ Cordless RF Wrinkle Reduction Device claims

NEWA uses clinical-grade radio frequency technology to help the skin renew its production of collagen and elastin, two proteins responsible for firmness and elasticity.

It: Visibly reduces wrinkles,  Boosts collagen production and Improves skin firmness.

I have a detailed blogpost on how Radiofrequency is supposed to work on your skin here, I suggest you read that first before we look at the stats of this specific one.


NEWA+ Cordless RF Wrinkle Reduction Device
I picked the color pink, but you can also get it in lavender


Prize and different versions

The Newa + is the cordless edition, you will get a bundle of 1 device + 1 tube of gel for 346 $ on the website here. It is available in two different colors, pink and lavender. The classic one that needs to stay plugged in for usage comes in five color and is available for 15 $ less here.


The electrodes of the NEWA+ Cordless RF Wrinkle Reduction Device
The electrodes of the NEWA+ Cordless RF Wrinkle Reduction Device


What is the 3DEEP technology?

When you read about the device, you will see that the brand claims it operates with the 3DEEP® radio frequency, which is according to them the most advanced form and ensures that the warmth produced and responsible for the collagen breakdown that triggers the production of new collagen goes into the dermis where it is effective and doesn’t heat up the skin surface instead.

I really found the device to generate less warmth even on the highest setting compared to others that I am not able to use on their highest strength, but if that means that the heat goes deeper or that there is less heat in general isn’t something I can say.

According to the website, the energy output is 10 W, with the current frequency being at around 1 MHz. Between 1 and 3 MHz seem to be best for facial rejuvenation while at the same time being comfortable, at least according to the little data we have, so that is already a good sign.



How often do I use the NEWA+ Cordless RF Wrinkle Reduction Device

The most important thing to know when using the NEWA+ is that it is only tested for three specific parts of the face: Upper parts of the cheeks including orbital bone, lower parts of the face and underneath the jaw. It has not been tested for forehead, neck and chest, which is different to other devices I have used that could be used anywhere except fo the area directly over the thyroid gland.

Each of these areas is treated separately for four minutes, meaning if you treat all of them, it will take you 6 times, 6 because you treat each side of the face, 6 times four minutes, so 24 minutes in total. Figuring in the time you need to apply the gel and turn the device on again – it turns off after four minutes of using it – you will end up with roughly 30 minutes per session.

For the first month you should do 4-5 sessions per week, so 2.5 hours in total, after that you will reach maintenance phase with two treatments or around one hour per week.



How to use the NEWA+ Cordless RF Wrinkle Reduction Device

Before you start you make sure your face is clean – no RF on top of a full face of makeup – you then apply gel directly to the electrodes and distribute the gel on the area you want to treat. Don’t do your whole face as the gel that comes with it will dry down and you’ll end up having to reapply before moving on to the next area – believe me, I have tried that.

Once the gel is distributed, you turn on the device via the power switch at the side, there is level one and two to choose from (two was always fine for me) and then press the LED button at the back of the device, which will start blinking. To get the radiofrequency into the skin, the head with the electrodes is put on the skin and moved around the treatment area using circular motions. When everything is working right, the LED will switch from blinking blue to blinking green as a sign that the ideal treatment temperature has been reached. You continue the circular motions for four minutes, after which the device will automatically turn off and you can start on the next area.


NEWA+ Cordless RF device Review
What do the LED colors mean?


What does the LED color mean?

The button on the back of the device will change color to indicate what the device is currently doing:

  • Solid half orange/ half green means the device is charging – it needs to be turned off for that
  • Solid green means the device is fully charged
  • Solid blue is device is on, but the treatment hasn’t started, basically you activated it with the switch on the side, but not yet pressed the button on the back
  • Blinking blue means the device is delivering Radiofrequency, but the skin hasn’t reached ideal temperature yet
  • Blinking green means the treatment is going on and the skin has reached ideal temperature
  • Blinking orange means battery is running low and the device needs to be charged after treatment


Can it be used while charging?

While the Newa+ is charged, it has to be turned off, so you can’t use it while it is charging. According to the manual one charge should last you around two weeks, but I found when using it five times a week, ten days was more realistic if I didn’t want to risk any surprises. But ten days is quite good, meaning after charging ti you could take it with you on a shorter trip without having to bring the cord.


How long until you see results?

Radiofrequency is supposed to stimulate collagen production, so you can’t expect instant results. Collagen needs to be rebuild in order to have an effect, and that is a slow process, especially as results with at home devices are subtle. The brand advises you to wait 12 weeks before judging final results, but also tells you that some people feel their skin looks and feels tighter after the first month.

I think how quickly you see results depends on how good of a candidate you are in the first place and what you did before starting the device.



My personal results after using the NEWA+ Cordless RF Wrinkle Reduction Device for 12 weeks

When you look at my before and after, you need to keep in mind that I had been using a different radiofrequency device for around 9 months before switching to the NEWA+, meaning that in order to see dramatic changes, the NEWA+ would have had to be dramatically more effective than the other one.

To be honest, I don’t really see a difference in my before and after here, but that in turn means I didn’t lose the effects I had from using radiofrequency beforehand. No further improvement, but upkeep was what I expected, I think I’d need to go for in-office treatment if I wanted to see further changes.


How does it compare to…


CurrentBody Skin Radiofrequency device with a tube of gel standing in front of a dark background with white flowers
CurrentBody Skin Radiofrequency device with a tube of gel


CurrentBody Skin RF Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Device

This is the first true RF device that I tried and the one I kept using until the NEWA+ arrived at my doorstep. While I feel the results are similar around my jaw line, there are a few distinct differences. First of all, the Currentbody version needs to be plugged in, which in my case means I need to always use an extension cable as I don’t have unoccupied power outlets near my couch or desk. The other difference is that the passing of the five minutes recommended time per area is only indicated by a short change in the light – a light I can’t see when using the device, which means I always have to set a timer on my phone so I know when I need to move on. The last difference is that I am, even after a year of using RF, not able to use a setting higher than two on my face, and in a few cases I even have to go back to level one, as three is too uncomfortably hot for my tolerance.

On the other hand the Currentbody version can be used all over the face and neck, so I am able to treat the elevens between my brows and the area above my brows to – hopefully – prevent eye lid sagging in the long run. Oh, and once you are in maintenance phase, you only need to do one setting (a full face for me sums up to 70 minutes) every 3-4 weeks.

Which one is better for you depends on your preferences. If the comfort of being cordless is more important to you or the possibility of including your forehead is a personal decision. In terms of price they don’t differ much.

You can read my full review of the CurrentBody Skin RF Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Device here


Would I repurchase and which skin types do I recommend the NEWA+ Cordless RF Wrinkle Reduction Device to?

I am really happy with the NEWA+ Cordless RF Wrinkle Reduction Device. It is convenient to use due to the fact that it doesn’t need to be plugged in and never got uncomfortably hot. A downside is that it is only recommended to be used on three different parts of the face, meaning the forehead and neck aren’t areas you can use it on, and of course the fact that doing the session regularly, which is needed to see any results, is quite time consuming.

As it is with all at home devices, results will be subtle, so you really need to commit to using it regularly and should make sure you have all the other pillars of a good skin routine including sleep in place before buying, as the evidence on such devices is sparse. They are an addition for the person that loves gimmicks and has the money to spare, and NOT the foundation of a good routine.


NEWA+ Cordless RF Wrinkle Reduction Device Review
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