Inspired by Chanel Spring Summer Neapolis Collection 2018

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Inspired by is a series I started to convince me that I did not need to rush out and buy lots of new products to recreate a certain makeup look, but that I´d manage to recreate something it by shopping my stash.


Chanel Spring Summer 2018 Collection Neapolis
Chanel Spring Summer 2018 Collection Neapolis


I did a lot of those posts over the last years, some turned out better, some turned out horrendous, but most of them were fun.

My promo picture of choice this month, one from the Chanel Spring/Summer Collection 2018 Neapolis, is one that I find turned out horrendous.


Chanel Spring Summer 2018 Collection Neapolis
Chanel Spring Summer 2018 Collection Neapolis


You can watch my attempts in the video below, preferrably on You Tube and in HD, but it got me thinking.


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Products used

L´Oréal Perfect Match Foundation in 1.5 Linen
Sephora High Coverage Concealer
Alverde Brow Gel in Blonde
Sephora Colorful Shadow + Liner in Khaki
MAC Mineralize eye shadow in Dark Indulgence
MAC single eye shadow in Cross Cultural (LE)
Lacura Cute Cury Lashes mascara
essence Invisible Kiss transparent lip liner
Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Heftiest Hibiscus

It got me thinking about this series. I mean, it did fulfill it´s initial purpose, I did recreate a ton of looks using just what I had. But to be honest, I don´t need a reminder to be more mindful with my spending anymore, I know that my collection is borderline excessive and contains almost every color of the rainbow.

And whenever I do something like this, with the eyeshadow brought in quite close to the nose, I just know in advance that I will look grumpy when finished, because it just does not suit my features.

Also, I do upload these to You Tube, and I can´t explain every single time what I attemp to do, so I think a lot of people tune in, watch the video and think: Wow, she really s*cks at makeup. Which is at least in parts true, but I don´t want to encourage that thought on purpose.

So what shall I do, dear friends?

Keep it that way, even though uploading a video like this bothers me?

Practice the looks beforehand, so the finished result is more presentable?

Or, my personal favorite, put the emphasis on “Inspired” and use color scheme and overall feel as guideline to create a look that is similar, but still adapted to my features?


Chanel Spring Summer 2018 Neapolis
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