Jade Roller – What is it and what does it do?

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Jade roller, facial roller, jade facial massage tool – no matter how you call it, you have heard about it.

To be honest, I never really bothered with this trend until I recieved not only one, but two different devices as a GWP and curiosity got the better of me. Of course I had to dig deep, and by dig deep I mean that I didn´t only look at the science behind them, but ventured into topics like crystal healing that I admit I had no clue about before.


Jade roller and rose quartz roller
Jade roller and rose quartz roller


Now as a long time follower you will know that I am, by heart, a scientist.

I did my best to present my findings in a neutral way, but feel the need to do this disclaimer: I am sure there are many things out there that science can not (yet) explain. Absence of proof is not proof of absence, but at the same time claiming that the ancient Egypts did XY doesn´t make a practice right.

6500 years ago a cavity was filled with honey and beeswax, but I still think our current way of dental care is superior.

What I am trying to say is basically: let´s talk about jade roller and lets do it with respect for each others opinion.

Here is the video I filmed on the topic (do watch on You Tube and in HD, and please excuse how close I am sitting to the camera…)


Where do jade rollers come from

The use of crystals in beauty dates back to 7th century China, where jade was attributed to immortality, beauty and grace – the “secret foundatin of youth”. Other cultures used crystals too, ancient Egypt is said to have used rose quartz in their beauty care.

Recently the rise of Crystal healing as part of alternative medicine and of course Instagram led to the popularity of these devices, with people like Alicia Keys and Miranda Kerr promoting them as part of their beauty regime.


Are there differences in the available rollers?


Different semi-precious stones claim different energetic benefits. Jade is for promoting collagen production, firming skin and reducing wrinkles, while rose quartz focuses more on emotional healing and self love. Obsidian on the other hand is for purifying and removing negative energy, which is why it is often recommended for acne.


A word of warning before buying

Jade isn´t cheap, especially now that there is an increasign demand, but some jade roller are.

Which leads to the conclusion that not everything sold as jade roller is actually made of jade (jadeite or nephrite, to be precise). While there are minerals that are cheaper and look similar, so you would only compromise on the energetic abilities (more on that later), there are manufacturers that chemically treat other stones to make them look like jade. That means that you are rolling your face with something releasing questionable chemicals – not something I´d advise.

So if you purchase a jade roller, make sure it comes from a reliable source.

I got mine from Cult Beauty: Yu Ling Roller is the one I have, and here is a the double-ended version.



What are the claims?

  • promotes blood circulation
  • aids in lymphtic drainage
  • reduces puffiness
  • reduces dark circles
  • tones the skin and facial muscles
  • reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • reduces the appearance of pores
  • improves skin elasticity
  • brightens the skin
  • helps with product absorption
  • reduces acne
  • reduces rosacea
  • draws out impurities and negative energy


What is actually measurable?

Out of the 13 claims above, only a few come with scientific backup. Just like other ways of facial massage, the jade roller will increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

This will subsequently reduce puffiness and might reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Everything else is just a claim that you might personally feel is true for you, but lacks evidence (and in some cases even logical explanation).


What is behind the science?

Or: What thoeries are there that could actually explain some of the claimed benefits?

If you venture into crystal healing, the backbone of the message there is that crystals (like everything else) have an energy body that sends out vibrations. These vibrations do affect your own energy body and transfer the healing or calming energy.

Piezoelectricity is often used as term to describe that, so we will look into it a little more:

Piezoelectricity means that some things, for example jade, react with electrical polarization to mechanical stress. That is a fact and something commonly used in electronics (or, less sexy, weapon technology).

I am not convinced though that Piezoelectricity explains energetic effetcs of jade rollers, as the mechanical stress on the jade created by rolling isn´t enough to actually promote electrical changes.

Another point that I wanted to leave here for discussion is the energetic transfer that is supposed to happen. If I compare myself and the (assumed) size of my energy body to that one of a crystal the size of a jade roller, I have a hard time believing that the latter would change the first.

If you do believe in the energy work of a jade roller though, it is important to know how to treat your device properly. As the crystal can absorb negative energy, it needs to be cleansed in salt and then recharged in the moonlight, preferable in the full moon.

If you just want the increased blood flow, cleaning it with soap and water will be suffice.


Bottom line

Do you really need a jade roller in your skincare regimen? I don´t think so.

But I admit now that I have started using them: They are fun! There is something relaxing about rolling them all over your face, and depending whether or not you believe in the energetic benefits adding a little self love or healing to your routine doesn´t hurt either.

Just make sure you buy a proper one from a reliable source!

Jade Roller Do they work?
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