Lancome Definicils Mascara – Review with history

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For a few years, the high end mascara I´d constantly wear was Lancôme Hypnose, solely bought because of its name. Why? The story behind that came to my mind while writing this Lancome Definicils Review, so let me share it.

Back in school and university I never had the money to splurge on makeup. I´d love to claim this was because all my money went into my education, but that would be a lie. Too many nights spend going out are more likely to blame.

Anyway, everything I purchased was drugstore, and I never really managed to find the one, mascara-wise. So when my first paycheck was due, I decided to treat myself to a fancy mascara. But as that was before blogging and You Tube became a thing, I had nothing to guide me when I entered the store.


Lancome Definicils Review
Lancome Definicils Mascara (travel size)


That was when I read the name: Lancome Hypnôse. Hypnôse is French and can be translated as deep sleep or sleep like state. And I had just started working as an anesthetist, so putting people to sleep was basically what I earned my money with! Clearly a sign, and several years of exclusive use followed.

What changed? I got bored, blogs promised newer, better stuff and when I decided to go back many years later, I couldn´t find the original formula as I remembered it between all the different versions available.

I still got a thing for Lancome mascaras though, and that is what inspired todays Lancome Definicils Review.


What Lancome Definicils claims

Définicils mascara provides lash separation, shapes and defines to create longer-looking and beautiful lashes from base to tip without clumping. The grooved bristles on the patented brush evenly distribute mascara along the entire lash from root to tip. Separates the look of eye lashes for a natural-looking, even finish every time.


Some facts about Lancome Definicils

The sleek black and gold tube contains 6,5 ml and retails for 31,99 € here. I admit that I adore the packaging, the understated elegance makes me gravitate towards the brand time and time again. Yes, 31,99 € is quite a lot for a product you are supposed to only use three months, but you do pay for the name when you purchase high end.



While the packaging did not disappoint, I immediately knew I wouldn´t get on with the formula very well. It is really, really wet, and over the course of the three months I kept trying the mascara it never really dried out.

Which is a bonus if you are happy with the product, after all it is a sign of quality if it doesn´t change texture rapidly. In my case though it meant that things didn´t improve over time.

To highlight the quality of the packaging once again, the wet formula never ended up spilling or smearing over the wand, the opening had the perfect size so you didn´t get too much on your brush. Still though, not my favorite formula.


Lancome Definicils Review - Close up of the wand
Lancome Definicils wand close up


The Wand

Slender, straight, getting thinner towards the top and with short bristles is how I would describe it, but see for yourself in the picture above. I feel like I am as bad at describing mascara wands than I am at describing perfume.

I prefer the thick, rounded ones with longer bristles, but Pinterest assured me that this one here is perfect for lengthening.


How does the Lancome Definicils mascara perform on the lashes?

It lengthens, that much is true. But oh boy, did I not get on with the mascara at all!

Even one layer made my lashes stick together in bundles, quite the opposite to the promised separation! And yes, I double checked the website and did my best in using the recommended root to tip zig zag motion. It didn´t help.

When I tried to build it up, I was left with what seemed to be three (very long and thick) lashes on each eye. Not a look I would go for.

I am open to admitting that the fault might entirely be in my application technique, but I simply couldn´t get it to work, as the pictures below clearly show.


One layer of Lancome Definicils vs natural lashes
That is one layer vs natural lashes – it is already clumping.


Several coats of Lancome Definicils on lashes
When build up, it makes my lashes completely stick together.


Is Lancome Definicils easy to remove?


I mean, you will still need a balm, an oil or a makeup remover, but my usual suspects all did the job very well.


Does the Lancome Definicils mascara live up to its claims?


At least not on my lashes. It lengthens, yes, but it doesn´t even come close to separating, coating my lashes evenly or even the proclaimed natural-looking, even finish.


How does it compare to…

Lancome Grandiose

That is the famous swan neck mascara, I am sure you have already heard about it. In my opinion the bended wand is a little gimmicky and requires getting used to, but in terms of performance I much prefer Lancome Grandiose over Lancome Definicils in how it looks on my lashes. It is more volumizing than lengthening, granted, but doesn´t clump.

Read my full review of the Lancome Grandiose Mascara here


Lancome Monsieur Big

Another one that didn´t excite me as much as my memories of Lancome Hypnose did, but way better than my experiences with Lancome Definicils. Monsieur Big is more lengthening than Grandiose is, but provides more volume than Definicils, and why I have to be careful to avoid clumping, it isn´t half as bad as it is with Definicils. Oh, and it is the cheapest out of the three, even if we ignore the fact that both Grandiose and Monsieur Big contain 10 ml as opposed to the 6,5 ml of Lancome Definicils.

Read my full review of the Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara here


Would I repurchase?

Absolutely not.

And after you read my Lancome Definicils Review, I don´t think I need to elaborate on my reasons any further.


Who do I recommend it to?

If length is your main concern and you are a more skilled wand wiggler than I am, this might be the mascara you need. Or if you have a lash comb that you want to get some use out of. But in all honesty I´d recommend one of the others.


Lancome Definicils Review
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