LLL Vlogs 38 – Galtür

I spend the last six days wearing barely any makeup and here is what happened:


I mean, what was supposed to happen?


Ballunspitze, Galtür
Ballunspitze, Galtür


This is one of those annoying clickbait titles that repeatedly grace my blog lovin recommendations feed and that make me usually doubt humanity in general and beauty lovers in particular.

But there, I wrote it, and it is true. I did barely wear any makeup.

Not because I didn’t bring any. I did.

Or because I purposefully decided to let my skin “breathe”. I didn’t.

And I usually don´t wear plastic wrap underneath my foundation, so even if I wear a full face, my skin can breathe. At the amount that skin does the “breathing” thing. But that only as a side note.


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It just didn’t fit the mountain lifestyle I had.

Mountain lifestyle. Just writing this makes me feel like I am lying. I mean, I was on a mountain, and lived, that should qualify as mountain lifestyle, but it couldn’t have been further from the “remote cabin with rustic decor” feeling the phrase conjures.

Instead of a remote cabin, we booked into “Alpengasthof Ballunspitze”, a kid-friendly all inclusive hotel that offered everything needed to relax and unwind.

As much as you ever relax and unwind as a family. Maybe “grow together” would be the better way to put it. And there was plenty we could use for personal growth:

My son throwing cutlery at the waitress at dinner.

My daughter throwing a fit because the princess costume at the costume disco was already taken.

My son, again, throwing up all night due to a stomach bug.

Kids in general, ours included, throwing food at each other.

And parents, throwing bribery and threats at their children to make them sit quietly through a three course menu.

None of that made it into the video, the video is (of course) the sugar coated version of how you would have wanted your holiday to be, not the real life struggles.

Go watch it, secretly grinning because I let you in on all the behind the scenes stuff that make family life a true adventure.

Oh, and have a read here if you want to know where our travels will take us next.

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