LLL Vlogs 39 – Las Fallas

From the snowy mountains right to Las Fallas, the spring festival of Valencia and the Valencia area.

Sounds glamorous? Oh yes!

If only I hadn’t caught my sons stomach bug and spend one of the two days we had in the beautiful city hugging the hotel room toilet. TMI? Sorry!


Las Fallas
This was my favorite statue


Oh well, kids stay with you even if you leave them at home with the grandparents, I guess.

It was a blast nonetheless, and I managed to capture quite a bit of the festivities on camera. Some of the footage is there thanks to Mr. Loca though, who, in best You Tube husband tradition, ventured out when I couldn’t to capture some images.

And probably to escape the sounds that were emerging from the bathroom, trust me, it wasn’t pretty!


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A little background information about Las Fallas

The festivities date back to the 18th century, but where they actually come from is unknown, There are theories that everything started with the burning of the wooden podest the craftsman needed in winter to hold the candles.

Over time clothes were added, then figurines of straw, and these days beautiful, intricate figurines are crafted by each quarter of the city (there were 378 last year!), a big one and a kids version, and after five days of festivities, they are burned to honor St. Joseph.

As Las Fallas are also known as the Nights of Fire, there is fireworks everywhere (and anytime), ranging from Mascletas, where the sound is most important to actual huge fire works that take part at night.

As another important part of Las Fallas, there are “The Offerings”. where women, men and children dressed in traditional (and beautiful) garments walk the streets accompanied by a band playing traditional music (usually the Pasodoblé) carrying flower offerings that are woven into the cape of a huge statue of Verge dels Desamparats (Virgin of those without protection), the patron saint of Valencia. Beautiful to look at!

At the very last day, all the figures are burnt, which is again a huge happening and for sure a lot of work for the fire fighters, as they are burnt right on the streets between the houses and trees of Valencia. One, which has been chosen beforehand as the winning statue, is remade as a miniature and put to the museum.

Oh, and the hotel we stayed in is the same we stayed in last time we were in Valencia, I share a little more details about it in the video you can find here.


Las Fallas
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