LLL Vlogs 41 – Spring cleaning (with false lashes)

There is an increased amount of cleaning videos showing up in my You Tube suggestions, and I have no clue why.

It can’t be based on my watch history. It can’t be based on Mr. Locas watch history either. He is really bad at remembering to switch profiles on our AppleTV, which is the reason that my feed shows as many “SUV tested in the dunes of Namibia” videos as it contains ASOS hauls, but cleaning videos surely aren’t his thing.


Spring cleaning
New kicks for spring


To be honest, I really have no clue why anyone would watch such videos anyway. Cleaning is a necessary pain, but watch others clean? What kind of masochistic behavior is that?

Or maybe it is sadistic, sitting there, cup of tea in hand, smiling at the screen: Hey gurrl, ya missed a spot there! Just sayin’!

Apparently a trend that I, once again, don’t understand and probably absolutely to my loss.


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Despite the title, todays vlog is not about cleaning, speed cleaning or organizing kitchen cupboards (I mean, seriously?).

It is about me rummaging through my makeup stash, trying to justify 80+ lipsticks, most of them in the color red, and putting on false lashes.

Because I never really wear false lashes, but still I own them, so I figured I could use some practice.

And as the best time is always the present, I applied them before cooking dinner for the kids and cleaning the kitchen (not on video).

So if anything improves in terms of appearance, it is not my house, but my personal appearance.

Though even that is debatable, of course. Mr. Loca (the SUV in the dunes of Namibia guy) surprisingly shows no love for Dollywink lashes that even when you squint against the sun and are clueless in terms of beauty enhancement won’t even come close to passing as natural.

I was quite pleased though, both with my makeup switch up as with my skills in applying the lashes (meaning I didn’t curse as much as expected), so I might even try and use some in an upcoming proper tutorial!

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