LLL Vlogs – Looking back at Christmas

I know I am late, sharing with you the time leading up to Christmas now that it is already 2017 and we don’t want to be reminded of the countless amounts of cookies we had or mulled wine we consumed.


LLL Vlogs – Looking back at Christmas


But I promise, it is not all Christmas lights and presents, it is basically my life before and after getting back to work and a little update on my skincare and makeup picks.


So if you still have cookies left, go grab one. And if you haven´t, get something else to eat, because despite me thinking I would not have enough footage to share it actually is longer than I thought it would be.

Hopefully long and entertaining, not long and boring you to death, but hey: This is my life. As good as it gets.

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Please make sure to watch on You Tube and in HD for the best quality. Although that might be wasted, as I had a big fat fingerprint on my lens at least half of the time. Which gave me the perfect blurring filter to hide any fine lines and such, but, I promise, wasn´t intentional.

I will not keep up vlogging for the next month, simply because I do kind of vlog for the Get the Glow series I started on Sunday and because I still need some time to adjust to my new schedule, being back to work and all that, and I don’t think that there will be much exciting stuff to share with you.

Not that I did share much exciting stuff this time around, but hey – this is my life. And right now it is not going to get any different any time soon.

Oh, and should you want any of the makeup goodies I received reviewed asap, drop me a line in the comments!


This is not a sponsored blogpost.
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