Low-Buy 2019 – Here is how I do it

It is funny that as soon as a New Year starts, new buzz words appear out of nowhere. My top three so far? Pollution, prebiotics and low-buy!

And while I won´t go into detail on pollution and prebiotics (both skincare related) as I have dedicated videos planned on those topics, I figured I would join in on Low-Buy 2019 and tell you how I plan to do it.


Low-Buy 2019
Low-Buy 2019 – from a lipstick lovers perspective


In all honesty, I have been on a Low-Buy for more than three years already. Ever since I went on maternity leave with my daughter and my disposable income suddenly reduced dramatically, I tried to shop my stash both for makeup and skincare.

And, shock horror, this has seen me through three years now with still having unopened products in my drawers. Which is obviously fine with most makeup, but slowly gets problematic with skincare – even unopened most items are expired by now.


The whole topic inspired me to film an impromptu video that I will link underneath. I have to warn you though, “impromptu video” is sugarcoated for “testing out You Tube Live basically in my PJs on a Friday Night”, so you’ll get a glimpse into what my office REALLY looks like and why I need to edit my videos heavily to cut down the rambling. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!



What will change then?

So far though I never tracked my spending, so it might be that I actually did worse than I thought and just didn´t realize? It happens with chocolate all the time, I barely touch it and suddenly the whole thing is gone!

To keep me accountable (and to make it easier to share with you) I will start that now, tracking my expenses here on the blog. And because my skincare stash has drastically diminished and I need to buy more products (unless I want to follow Mr Locas lead and use shower gel head to toe) I decided to keep up with new releases, read up everything I can learn about them and then, maybe once a month, do a rundown of what I think is actually worth buying. First video of this series coming your way on January  28th.

Another thing I will try to do is keep track of what I actually enjoy using. There is no point in buying purple lipstick if I know deep down that I will never wear it. We all have things we reach for over and over again, and while it is great to get out of our makeup rut once in a while, I am no longer interested in forcing myself to wear something I don´t enjoy just BECAUSE!


Low-Buy 2019
One more lipstick picture – aren’t they pretty?


The general rules

Other than that there are no new rules apart from the obvious ones:

  • Don´t buy backups unless you know something you love is going out of stock
  • Check your collection to see if you own something similar already (*cough* red lipsticks *cough*)
  • Rotate through your collection to rediscover hidden gems
  • Purchase mindfully, after thinking it trough and see if you can wait for sales

My Low-Buy 2019 is pretty much centered around skincare and makeup, simply because these are the things I gravitate to for an impulse purchase. In regards to clothes I am way less impulsive, but will look into the capsule wardrobe thing come spring and see how that fits in with the Low-Buy here.

How about you, are you planning something similar?


Low-Buy 2019
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