Makeup Declutter 2019 – Blush and Bronzer Collection

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When I started my Makeup Declutter, the part I was most afraid of was my lipstick collection. Even after going through all of them last summer, it still holds more than 60 pieces, which is a ridiculous amount, even if you wear lipstick every single day. I wasn’t aware how huge my blush and bronzer collection had gotten over the years though!

Well, my blush collection, to be precise, I only own two bronzers. But apparently I own eight different neutral blushes and almost as many variations of pink, and while I do have a valid excuse for the amount of neutrals – it goes with both a smokey eye and a bold lip, both of which I wear on a regular – I don’t have any excuse for the sheer amount of pinks. I don’t even really like the color that much!

Makeup Declutter Blush and bronzer collection
My blush collection


How I store my blushes

I don’t really go into that in the video, but you can get a glimpse: I collected cardboard boxes or sturdy paper bags and cut off the top part, so I was left with a little container to divide the blushes by color and prevent them from sliding around in the drawer. Inspiration behind that came(of course) from Pinterest, but as many things you find on there, the idea didn’t really transfer to a satisfying reality for me.

The problem is probably more the execution rather than the idea, so I am to blame. My paper bags were to flimsy and the cardboard boxes too wide to make for satisfying storage, and I decided after the first trial run that I needed to replace them asap. That was three years ago I think, and I still haven’t gotten round to it, which ones again proves that nothing lasts as long as a temporary solution to a problem.

And before anyone suggests buying acrylic/ plastic containers: I have one of these that I keep in my upstairs bathroom, the place where I do actually get ready in the mornings and where a carefully curated collection of “blushes of the moment” resides. I purchased it back in the days when I began to grasp the concept of a makeup collection and it works perfectly fine. I am not going to purchase more though, simply because I am trying to find a plastic free alternative. Until then the flimsy bag bottoms will do.


pixi Dulce Lip Candy palette
pixi Dulce Lip Candy palette


pixi Dulce´s Lip Candy (24 $ here)

After editing the video, I realized I had completely ignored this one, only mentioned it in the overview at the beginning. Which is a shame, because I do reach for it, especially when I am on holiday with minimal luggage (like I was for the last two weeks). The colors really work both on cheeks and lips without giving me clogged pores (an issue I encountered with the Emile Cordon Miracle Balms reviewed here after two weeks of daily wear) and the palette has a great variety, so you are able to create several different versions of barely there makeup.

Not that my husband, ignorant to all things beauty, would really notice the difference if I didn’t repeatedly point it out, but I stopped caring about his opinion on makeup a long time ago. Granted, I barely touch the column on the left, the one that houses the cooler shades of pink, but both the reddish warm in the middle and the neutrals on the right work perfectly fine for my skin tone.

So yes, I kept that one as well, quite reassuring as all the other pixi blushes I had didn’t make the cut. Even the pixi +Aspyn Ovard one, that I was head over heels in love with when I first received it (read here). I was determined to make it my spring blush of choice, but it never really looked right when applied.

After that is rectified, I suggest you watch the video linked below, to see what else happened, and then proceed to tell me your favorite blush color!


Makeup Declutter Blushes
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