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Last time I visited my DM, I was gushing over the new display of LOV makeup they had put up. New eyeshadows, new blushes, new foundations.

The excitement was real! But as always in life, if something new comes in, something old has to go. And sadly, LOV had replaced Max Factor. My current favorite drugstore brand.


MaxFactor Lasting Performance Foundation
MaxFactor Lasting Performance Foundation


Only time will tell if LOV. can excite me as much as Max Factor did (which I can still get, just not in MY DM), but at least it brought to my attention that I had filmed a foundation review on the Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation earlier this year, but never got around to upload it.

So if you hear me talk about hot summer days, don´t be fooled, I have not suddenly moved to another country. I just still wanted to share how the Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation worked for me.


If you don´t want to watch the video (please do, and do it on You Tube and in HD!), I summed up all the information below.


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The Claims

If you demand a lot from your make-up then Max Factor Lasting Performance is the foundation for you.  With a guaranteed 8 hours of stay put perfection, your complexion will look and feel fresher for longer.  Specially designed, for light weight silicones and a hard wearing touch proof system stand up to any amount of running or touching and, unlike other oil based formulas, it doesn´t clog up your pores or irritate sensitive skin.

The Facts

It comes in a plastic tube that isn´t fancy at all, but works great for dispensing product, is travel friendly and very hygienic. One tube contains 35 ml and retails for 11,99 € here. Despite wearing it every day, the 35 ml have lasted me more than 3 months.

There are a total of six shades available. I used the lightest one, Light Ivory, which is a good summer match but too dark in winter as it oxidizes on my skin. (Update: I just received notice that there will be a lighter shade available in Germany soon!)


The Application

Brush, fingers, sponge, all three means of applying foundation are perfectly fine. I prefer a brush with this one, using a beauty blender results in a finish that is too dewy for my liking. In the end it comes down to your personal preferences.


The Finish

A natural finish is claimed and that is completely true. After application the foundation looks like healthy skin, with a soft sheen that on my oily t-zone needs some blotting throughout the day. It is not a dewy foundation, but not matte either. Just natural.


The Coverage

A solid medium. I will always need concealer on my scars and breakouts, but redness and uneven skin tone are easily covered. When used with a beauty blender, the coverage is more of a light to medium. Despite being buildable (no caking or separation) I was not able to reach a full coverage with it.


The Feeling

After the initial application is done, it is weightless and not noticeable to the touch. The formulation is silicone heavy, but there is none of the silicone slip you get from similar products and I go through the day unaware of the fact that I wear foundation.


The Weartime

This is where I have to disagree with the claims. After 5-6 hours, the foundation starts to disappear around my chin and my t-zone. With primer and setting spray I can get 8-9 hours of wear at max, but without the effort the foundation does not last a full workday on me. At least it does fade nicely without separating or getting blotchy.


The Skintypes

I guess really oily skins won´t be too happy with the finish, but I can see everyone else getting a lot of use out of it. Please keep in mind that I can´t judge how it would perform on dry skin, but it did not cling to any dry patches I experienced, so I assume it would work fine.


The Final Verdict

I like it.

A lot.

But there are two things that will probably keep me from repurchasing immediately. Firstly I need a foundation to last through 8-10 hours and don´t always want to go the extra mile with primer and setting spray. And secondly: The finish is too natural for me throughout the day and I feel the need to blot down my T-zone.

Still, an amazing foundation for a great price!


MaxFactor Lasting Performance Foundation
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