The Body Shop Wild Argan Radiance Oil Review – Mermaid hair

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I always wondered how Arielle did it.

Spending her life beneath the surface, her gorgeous long hair flowing in the current as she frolicked around with her sisters and fish-friends, casually combing through it with some kind of wide-toothed comb, her hair would look soft, shiny and absolutely fizz-free when she decided to emerge to have her heart broken.


The Body Shop Radiant Oil
The Body Shop Wild Argan Radiance Oil


If I were to spent my days with my hair immersed in salt water, it would probably look like dried out sea weed.
Much as it looks now, to be honest.

Postpartum hair-loss and the careless use of bleach to remain a “natural blonde” have definitely taken their toll, and as I am fighting the urge to chop it off at ears length, I am constantly on the hunt for products that will help fight the damage that has been done. (More info: Olaplex – How does it work?)
My hopes were high that The Body Shop Wild Argan Radiance Oil would be one of those miracle products.

To really put it to the test, I took it with me on my holiday in France, which consisted mainly of glorious food, a daily swim in the ocean and, thanks to my parents who took care of our daughter, the long-awaited opportunity to go scuba diving with my husband.
We are avid divers, but with me being pregnant it had been a while since we were able to, and I was really looking forward to jumping back in. (More info: Postpartum hair loss – What is it and can it be treated?)

My hair, on the other hand, isn’t as keen on diving as I am. Salt water, the rubber band of the diving mask and the neoprene hood of the bodysuit usually leads to a giant pile of knotted hair, not to mention the dryness due to the combined strength of sun, sea and wind. (More info: The best sun protection for the hair)
A heavy task for aforementioned oil, but I have to say, it really lived up to my expectations.


Facts about The Body Shop Wild Argan Radiance Oil

One spray plastic bottle contains 125 ml and retails for 14 € on the website here. Depending on if you use it only on your hair (as I do) or both on your hair and body, 125 ml will last you forever!


Ingredients of The Body Shop Wild Argan Radiance Oil

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Contrary to many other Argan or Moroccon Oil hair products, The Radiant Oil doesn’t contain silicones.
It contains argan (shocking, I know), marula, olive, sweet almond and soy bean oil, all known for beneficial effects on skin and hair, along with emollients and fragrance.
If you ever smelled pure argan oil before, you will agree that the fragrance is needed if you are to put it all over your body.


How to use The Body Shop Wild Argan Radiance Oil

It is easy to use too much product if you have fine hair, so proceed with caution:

Whenever I need my hair to look presentable (aka in the morning), I will use one pump, rub it into my palms and finger comb through my lengths, below the ears.

For nourishment (aka in the evening), I will use two pumps, distribute it again below my ear and put my hair up in a top knot.

Before diving, I would drench every single hair and wear it braided with either a French or a Dutch braid to keep those annoying baby hairs out of my face.


Has it lived up to its claims?

Well, to be honest, it was my expectations more than claims made on the homepage I compared it with, and I have to say I am utterly satisfied.
My hair still is in desperate need of a cut, as my brittle ends are beyond saving, I suppose, but as long as I go on denying, this oil keeps things looking better than they really are.
There was no further damage due to sun, wind and salt, which is very impressive.
The smell is neutral and doesn’t linger and you really just need a tiny amount, so it will last you for ages. Great value for money.


Will I repurchase?

If I ever get through my bottle, I probably will. But as you can see in the picture above, I haven’t used much product despite the fact that I really used it every single day for five weeks straight. If you were to use it on your body, you would probably go through it quicker, but I haven’t tried that yet. My trusty Shea Body Butter takes care of that part and I am not planning on cheating anytime soon.



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