Miaray Fiberwig Paint On False Lashes – A wig for your lashes?

When I was younger, I really enjoyed acting. I enjoyed it so much, I was contemplating taking up classes and doing it for a living one day.

As you know, that never happened, but up until now I love to play with different looks, and the one thing besides makeup that makes the most dramatic change in my appearance is a wig.

Fiberwig mascara
Miaray Fiberwig Paint On False Lashes Mascara

So when I received the Miaray Fiberwig Paint On False Lashes Mascara as a gift with purchase from Cult Beauty, I was excited to give it a go.

A wig to turn my sorry lashes into a voluminous dream? Yes, please!


What Miaray claims:

Fiberwig is a hi-tech fusion of brush-on, false-lash filaments & a hypoallergenic, liquid-to-film lash coating that you apply like regular mascara. The glossy formula holds the volumising, lengthening fibres in place for lashes so voluptuous you’ll cause a breeze when you blinc. You can literally sleep in it & it won’t flake or smudge, but removal is easy, with a quick soak in warm water it just slides off without any rubbing. As long as still wet, you can build up & out as much as you want.



Since I got my tube, it has been reformulated and can be found in a different packaging, but with a similar brush on Cult Beauty here, retailing for 18 GBP (24 €, 7,2 ml).

Miaray Fiberwig Paint On False Lash Mascara, the brush
Miaray Fiberwig Paint On False Lash Mascara, the brush


The brush is a curved one, not too big, and you can see the fibers (or filaments) that are meant to add length and volume.

Being a little too wet directly after opening, it was perfect to use after three weeks had passed, and while I would have hoped for a little more strength in holding a curl, it gave me all the length and volume I craved.

See yourself!

Bare lashes, blonde at the tips and not very voluminous.
Bare lashes, blonde at the tips and not very voluminous.


Two coats of Miaray Fiberwig Mascara
Two coats of Miaray Fiberwig Mascara


I could have build it up way stronger than I did in the picture above, and with a little combing through the obvious fibers would disappear, leaving you with dark, voluminous and long lashes.

The removal process was quite easy, just as claimed, and actually warm water worked a tiny bit better than my trusted makeup removers.

The downside? There always seems to be one, doesn’t it? Throughout the day, tiny fibres would flake off. Not many, mind you, no panda eyes, but ever so often they would get into my eye and beneath my contacts. Any fellow contact lens wearers out there will know what a painful experience that can be.



Does it live up to its claims?


I am not sure about the “sleep in it” part, as I religiously take off my makeup before bed time, and I didn’t quite manage to cause a breeze when blinking, but my lashes were impressive, voluminous and long, thanks to the filaments coating them.


Will I rebuy?


I adore the way my lashes look, but I just can´t use a mascara regularly that leaves me blind and in tears all of a sudden. If I happen to get laser done and ditch the contacts forever, I will reconsider.


Who do I recommend it to?

Anyone looking for dramatic lashes.

People wearing glasses or no vision aid at all.


Have you tried fiber mascaras before?

And what do you feel transforms your look the most?


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