Month in Review February 2019

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February – full of celebrations, at least on my side of the screen. It is my birthday month (which means that the low-buy didn´t really happen, but I´ll post an update on that later on).

It is also my daughters birthday month, so of course we had to throw her a party.


Month in Review February
That cup of tea was well deserved


And while it wasn´t the first one at our home, it was for sure the most memorable to date. I mean, I have watched „Mean Girls“, but I did not expect to get a live version so soon.

She turned five, so the girls invited were either five or six years old. In my mind they were wearing bows in their hair, loved hot chocolate with marshmallows and would be happy to play catch and stuff like that outdoors.

Turns out I was wrong.


Month in Review February
Unicorn cake


Within the first 15 minutes one entered my daughters bedroom, pulling out her books and pictures while calling them awful, childish and ugly.

The second one started hopping up and down on the bed, throwing stuffed animals, toys and even the desk lamp at the wall with full force, trying to see „if I can break them“.

The third one, at that time hiding in my bedroom (in my bed, under my sheets… she went there straight after her father had left) refused to come play, but when she finally did attacked the other two with full force. Not just pulling hair, no: kicking, slapping, elbow to nose.

For full disclaimer: The other four girls invited were perfect angles that alongside my children watched in disbelief what was happening.

It was impossible to even turn my head, they were constantly at each others throats or joining forces to wreak havoc on their surroundings.

At one point I had to call one girls parents to pick her up. She had decided she didn’t want to stay any longer (probably because I told her I was not having them attack each other any more) and tried to just run out of the door out on the streets.

While I was dealing with that, the remaining two butchered the unicorn cake on the coffee table. They broke off the horn, smashed the cake and threw around the decorations.

They didn´t want to eat it.

They just wanted to destroy it.

As I am writing this, I am still processing. How much of it was my fault? What could I have done differently? How am I going to deal with the fact that these three will attend the same school as my daughter later this year? How on earth am I going to protect my child from that?

I know now that „things are difficult between and with these three“ at kindergarten. I know too that one mother was shocked to learn about it and is taking action, while I didn´t really find a sympathetic ear with the other parents.

And I wonder: Have you experienced something similar already? Any tips or resources to help me out?

While I eagerly await your response in the comments, let me quickly update you on what happened on the blog over the course of the last weeks.


When should I start using anti-aging products?
When should I start using anti-aging products?



The remaining two product of THE INKEY LIST I had not reviewed yet made an appearance (“THE INKEY LIST Vitamin C” and “THE INKEY LIST Hyaluronic Acid“) and I continued with my skincare basics series, this time talking about “When do I need to start anti-aging products” with a handy little timeline for your orientation.


My everyday makeup for winter 2019
My everyday makeup for winter 2019



Quite a few posts on that topic here, starting with a foundation review on the “Laura Geller Baked Balance and Brightening Foundation“, shortly followed by me “Decluttering my nail polish collection” and reviewing the “New Pixi Eyeshadow Palettes Natural Beauty and Reflex Light” with tutorial and swatches.

And, fresh of the press, my “Quick and Easy Everyday Makeup Tutorial Winter 2019“.

Oh, not to forget a hybrid product between skincare and makeup. the “Avon Anew Instant Eye Smoother“.


Decluttering my nail polish collection
Decluttering my nail polish collection



As promised I wrote my first “Low Buy 2019 Update” and shared some of the products I finished in my “Beauty Empties February 2019“. Still the least used category on my blog, but what can I say?

If the kids don’t create drama, my life is pretty boring.

Any drama on your side of the screen?


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