Month in Review January 2019

The first month of 2019 has passed already, and as always it was a particularly grey and gloomy one here in Germany.

We did have snow, but it only lasted briefly, despite a week of bitter cold. Chilly winds, biting frost, you get the idea. Now, it is still Southern Germany, so I may exaggerate a little, but stay with me, it will help set the mood.


Month in Review January
Frozen water


And in this cold and chill (and tiny bits of snow) I took off my coat and posed for some pictures in the forest. You may have seen some of them on my Instagram already (@lindalibraloca), but I figured they’d provide viewing pleasure while I sum up the blog posts I wrote for January 2019.



Month in Review January
Todays outfit was inspired by watching Frontier on Netflix…



THE INKEY LIST kept featuring heavily on this blog (and will continue to do so as I have a few more of their products in my rotation I haven´t talked about yet). In January I talked about THE INKEY LIST Retinol as well as THE INKEY LIST Rosehip Oil. I promise I did not purposefully pick the R-products, it just rrrrr-olled out that way. Haha.

To help you start the New Year on the right foot, skincare wise, I uploaded “How to build a skincare routine”, featuring the four steps I think are mandatory for everyone, no matter the skin type. Cleanser is most obviously one of them, and, fitting for the cold winter months, I reviewed a more nourishing formula in the Oskia Perfect Cleanser.

Many of us have been declaring a low buy for 2019, the bravest among us even going on a year long no buy (no, I couldn´t do that either). I have been on a low buy for a few years now, basically ever since I went on maternity leave with my first child, but this year I decided to take it up a notch and (most obviously) document it for the blog. The result so far? “Low-Buy 2019 – Here is how I do it” and, to help me (and you) keep up with new skincare releases and make mindful shopping decisions, the video “Interesting New Skincare Releases – What is worth buying” where I take a closer look at some of the new things and try to determine whether or not they are worth spending your money on.


Month in Review January
Shadow and light



I decided to feature my “Best of Beauty 2018” video here, despite the fact that it contains way more skincare than makeup, otherwise the category would look so empty. And that is even with me listening to your comments and bringing back You Tube makeup tutorials. Well, one tutorial to be precise, “Easy eyes and red lips”, the first one in a new series of me trying to adapt current runway makeup trends to my everyday life. And to yours, even if you are not that used to slapping on a red lip for every occasion.

On top of that there was a review of the “Avon mark big & extreme mascara”, which does live up to its name, yet will not be repurchased by me.


Month in Review January
Yes, THAT was cold.



With the exception of the previously mentioned “Low Buy 2019 – Here is how I do it” post I have nothing to show off in this category. With my reduced blogging schedule I just can´t feature everything on here that I would love to talk about. I guess such is life. Maybe I should rename it low-buy?

How has the first month of 2019 been treating you? And how do you like these different pictures?

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