Monthly Recap: August 2018

Times are busy, and I feel like they get busier every day. Catching up with my favorite blogs daily is something I haven´t been able to do in a long while, and as I figured you are probably in the same boat, I decided to introduce the Monthly Recap series.

It is meant to be an overview of all the blog posts I have written, all the videos I have uploaded and a few extra informations thrown in for good measure. To make it easier to find what you are interested in I split it in three categories: Skincare, Makeup and Lifestyle.


Monthly Recap August 2018
Cap de Creus – Spain


Looking back at August for me means looking back at my annual holiday in France, two weeks filled with sun, sea and (probably too many) croissants. I decided against vlogging (it would just have been me eating all the time), but put up a France 2018 Highlight on my Instagram Profile should you be in the mood for some snaps.


Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask
Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask



I started a mini series of reviewing a few Peter Thomas Roth Face Mask, the first one being the famous Pumpkin Enzyme version. I really liked it (Spoiler: Way more than the other two) and recommend it for people looking for a gentle, enzyme based exfoliation.

If you suffer from congestion and frequent breakouts, the Odacité Black Cumin + Cajeput Pimple Serum is one that I recommend you take a look at. It is organic and vegan and comes in cute dark dropper bottles.

Following up another short series on Caudalie products over the last months I reviewed the Caudalie Resveratrol Face Lifting Soft Cream, a nice moisturizer for someone looking for anti aging, but without the heaviness.

And as you do at the end of summer (Murphy…) I discovered my new favorite summer product, the Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser. A lovely cleanser with a delicious and refreshing scent!

Why I wouldn´t bring it with me for traveling though is what I explained in my “Travel Skincare Tips – How to travel light as a skincare junkie” video. Might be useful if you are planning another holiday (in which case I am very envious!)


Day to night makeup tutorial
I only applied it to take it off half an hour later – ah, the glam life!



Not really a review per se (I rarely do dedicated one product makeup reviews anymore), but more a personal love letter was “Red Lipstick Love – My Story”, where I tell you how I came to love red lipsticks as much as I do.

Red lipstick is one of the key pieces for doing a “Day to Night Makeup” transformation as I did in this video, showing you how I would take my look from desk to drinks in just a few minutes. Without bringing a ton of stuff, because the thing is you go from desk to drinks, not from desk to home to drinks, am I right?

If you want more makeup, I uploaded a video reviewing the Zoeva Cat Eye Eyeliner Pen to both IGTV and Facebook. It is a short one, so I figured it wouldn´t be fit for You Tube as such. Or would you prefer two minute reviews on You Tube? Just drop me a line then.


Why time passes
Traveling – to beautiful Norway this time



Fitting in with my two weeks holiday I did a video on “How to make the most out of a break” last month, though I have to admit that I did not take my own advice and worked a little while in France. Oops.

While we are at the topic of working: I shared my experiences with working from home when the kids are around, a struggle many mothers face during summer break.

But it wasn´t all work obviously: In “Why I think you should still play video games” I talked about the benefits of gaming for more mature people (besides the fact that it is fun, obviously). In “Love Island – Is it just fun and games” I looked at the popular tv show (the German spinoff is about to start in a bit) and shared why I, as a feminist and mother, have issues with the shows concept.

And finally, several weeks late, I got around to edit and upload the Vlog from our camper van trip to Norway. Going through the footage made me long for foreign countries – good thing we left for France shortly after.

How was your month of August?


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