Monthly Recap March 2019

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Spring is here, my favorite season. And what a spring it has been so far. 18 degrees and sunshine, flowers and birds galore, then storm and rain just a few days later, with temperatures that made me layer up in my wool cardigans.


Emile Cordon Charlotte on lip and cheeks
Looking back… and wearing the Emile Cordon Miracle Lip Balm I reviewed last month.


Good thing I haven’t put them away quite yet, in my attempt to create a Spring capsule wardrobe. I was tempted, I admit, as it was so warm the weekend I sifted through my closet, but spring in Germany always is a bit temperamental, so they stayed.

Creating a capsule wardrobe had been on my mind for a long time,  so the time when Mr. Loca decided to go to Algier to medically supervise the Touareg Rallye (cars, quads and motorbikes as well as a lot of desert) and I stayed at home with the kids, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to tackle that task. Because you can never be too busy I guess. But enough of that now (there will be a dedicated blog post coming your way on April 8th), lets look back on the stuff I wrote about last month.

Just in case you missed anything…


pixi skincare review
The complete pixi skintreats Rose-Infused Collection



We started the month with a look at a lesser known, but up and coming ingredient, Bakuchiol, and talked about how exactly it compares to Retinol and which skin type it is best suited for. Then we took a closer look at a method that has been around for several years now: The Double Cleansing Method. Is it actually good for your skin?

And just in case you are looking for a new cleanser, there is one in the pixi skintreats Rose-Infused Collection Overview that I filmed for you. But even without that, it was a pixi skincare heavy month, with the pixi Rose Tonic, the pixi Rose Ceramide Cream and the pixi Rose Oil Blend getting a full review.


Wearable Makeup Trends 2019 - Green Graphic Liner
Here is how the eye look from the side



Not as much was going on here in terms of makeup. I published the second tutorial in my “Wearable Makeup Trends 2019” series (see the first one here), this time on Green Graphic Liner. And, only two days ago, my review of the Emile Cordon Miracle Lip Balms , which are, admittedly, more a luxury than a necessity.


Low Buy Update February
Low Buy? What Low Buy?



Not much to report here other than my Beauty Low Buy Update for February (the one for March will follow next Monday).


How has March treated you?

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