Monthly Recap May 2019

Let´s address the elephant in the room first: I changed my blog layout. I had it on my to do list for a while now, because it had come to my attention that my old theme wasn´t mobile friendly and quite a lot of you were reading from their phones.

Which, by the way, I totally don´t understand. I hate reading anything on my phone that has more than one paragraph, I much prefer my laptop for that. I might use my tablet if I am going “off the grid” and don´t want to bring the laptop, but that almost feels like a digital desert to me, and yes, my preferred version of “off the grid” still has a decent wifi connection. I am very much stuck in the 21stcentury.


May brought a lot of flowers


Most of the time. You might not know that, back in the days before I met my husband, had kids and started a beauty blog (AGES ago, people), I spend weekends immersed in fictional worlds by doing LARP.

LARP stands for Live Action Role Playing and is not the kind of role play that is “adults only”. It can be different things, from dystopian future to Game of Thrones, and the world I most often escaped to was Galladoorn, filled with magic, knights and lots of adventures. I hadn´t been to a LARP since 2012, I didn´t care to be away from the kids too long, but end of last year attended a one day event to help out a friend and immediately got hooked again.


LARP character female
Lady for a day


A talented friend of mine agreed to make me a dress (we went for red and gold, very much inspired by Cersei Lannister) and for a glorious day I transformed from stressed mother to noble lady sipping wine and watching a young man get knighted – something I can really recommend. Of course the 6 am wakeup call from my son the next morning brought me back to reality quickly, but I´d still say it was more than worth it and will become a more regular thing in the future. Until then though, let´s take a look at the blog posts I wrote last month:



Pixi featured once again heavy on this blog – What can I say, I love them and I am on their PR list, so I get to try a lot of their stuff. My first review, the pixi T Zone Peel Off Mask, wasn´t the most enthusiastic though. Peel off masks and I won´t ever be friends I guess. Maybe because I am always worried about my skin barrier these days, which you can read more about in “Damaged skin barrier – cause of acne, irritation and atopic dermatitis? It wasn´t a bad month for pixi though, my thoughts about the pixi DetoxifEYE eye patches  were positive.

Another brand you have seen a lot here in the last year is The Inkey List, and I finally got around doing my “The Inkey List Skin Care Complete Overview” video. It is a long one, so grab a drink before you click on it!

On top of that I talked about the famous Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield Broadspectrum SPF, which I like, but don´t love, and the Murad Essential C Cleanser, a great light gel cleanser for summer mornings.

To end my list of skincare articles on a high (pun absolutely intended), let me point you towards my latest ingredient breakdown: ““CBD skin care – Will it make you high?”


Benefits and side effects of CBD in skin care
Why is CBD skin care having a moment?



Staying true to my makeup minimalism attempts, I did a huge declutter of my eye stuff (and don´t worry, all the unloved palettes and mono eyeshadows since have found new and loving homes).

And I finally got around to writing about the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer I bought back in February – yes, it is as good as they make it sound.


NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer Review
Classic doe foot applicator



Once again the saddest category to mention. Other than my Low Buy Update April I don´t have anything to show off here, but I will make up for it with a Capsule Wardrobe Update going live next Monday.

How has May been treating you?


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