Monthly Recap May 2020 – What has been happening? Doctor Anne

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After weeks of lamenting about the “new normal”, it seems I have moved on to the phase where you start adapting it into my life. I still work a lot more hours than I used to, but I do have occasional days off and even a few weeks of holiday in July. At the same time I increased the time spend working on the blog and YouTube, which is why I have quite a bit of content to list for you below.


Looking back at May
That is how I imagine our holiday to look like – let´s see if that works out.


Far more important though, and unrelated to beauty and skincare, with the uncertainty of how our summer travel plans are going to work out we started a new family project – “Project Overlander light”. Okay, that sounds lame, I need a different name for that – any suggestions?

You see, we had been meaning to go to Sweden, rented a house in the middle of nowhere, next to a lake, in an attempt to recharge and reconnect as a family after what have been the busiest three working months of our time together.

And we might still do that (wish us luck), as right now borders are open and the house is so remote, I don´t think we are putting us at risk there. Life has taught me though that you always need a backup plan, and ours is committing to my husbands dream to have his car fully equipped for travel.

It already has a hard top with a roof tent spacious enough for spontaneous travel as a couple (ha, let´s see when that happens!), but we also ordered an outdoor hanger with yet another tent on top, the “Family Edition”. This will allow us enough space as a family of four even if it is raining for prolonged periods of time.

First time we take it out? Hopefully in July for a relaxed travel up to Sweden or, if that fails, to one of the many beautiful spots Germany has to offer. Unless, of course, numbers go up again and we are faceing another lockdown – in which case this holiday, just like the one I had planned in March, would be cancelled anyway.

Until then though I have a very important task to fulfill, which is shower my niece in kisses and cuddles.

She was born in February and I have not had a chance to see her (or my sister) even once. Low number of cases made it safe to travel again though and they are staying with us for seven precious days. So forgive me if I cut the report of what I have been up to short and devote my time to admiring her tiny feet and hands, leaving you with a summary of what you might have missed in May.


Good Molecules Discoloration Correcting Serum
The Good Molecules Discoloration Correcting Serum – tackling dark spots


Skincare reviews

The first review up was on the Good Molecules Discoloration Correcting Serum* (which I like), shortly followed by one on the Good Molecules Pineapple Exfoliating Powder * (which did not work for me). I also talked about a spot treatment, the pixi Zero Zit, and a gradual face tan, the Tan Luxe Super Glow Serum which has kept me looking healthy and well rested – no easy job right now!

Then an eye cream I have been enjoying since February, the Merumaya Intensely Youtful Eye Cream *, and a rich moisturizer that somehow still works for my combination skin, the Inkey List Peptide Moisturizer.


Niacinamide - All its benefits for your skin
Bright, glowing and even skin – all thanks to Niacinamides benefits?


Skincare basics

As far as skincare basics go, I answered a question that I get asked a lot in the comments of my videos: What is the correct order to layer your skincare products? and I talked about one of my favorite ingredients, Niacinamide, in a dedicated video/ blog post.

More to come over the next few weeks, now that I have a little more time to dedicate to doing my research!


Link Love

With more free time there was of course more blog reading, and some of the best bist will be shared underneath:

Michelle from Labmuffin Beauty Science talked about Tranexamic Acid to fight hyperpigmentation here, a topic that I touched on as well in April. She has linked a few great reads should you be into reading studies.

On a much lighter note, Dagmara from Mummys Beauty Corner shared her Three favorite sunscreens for the face in a recent post. I have not tried any of them myself, but took inspiration to compile my very own favorites list which will be released late next month. Staying with the sunscreen theme, I have to link to Geeky Poshs post adressing three myths that surround physical and chemical sunscreens, again a topic that I already prepared a video on that will go live soon.

And the last bit I want to share with you I found on Jasmine Talks Beauty, where she points out skincare mistakes made in Instagram and TikTok videos. Not that I have ever been on TikTok, but maybe you are and have seen some of them?


Please tell me what you have been up to in May and of course stay safe and healthy!

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