My everyday makeup routine – Spring 2017

In my very early makeup days, colorful eyeliner dragged out to an exaggerated wing was the only look I would ever leave the house with. The colors were bright blue, turquoise or green, all colors I had seen my mother wear. To be fair, she never tried to pull off an Egyptian inspired wing in turquoise and repeatedly tried to talk me out of doing it on my eyes.


Everyday Makeup Spring 2017


Of course I knew better and didn´t listen, and I am forever grateful that no one in my family was into taking pictures, so there is no evidence I need to destroy.



Fast forward a few years (Skipping the grungy smudged black liner phase. Come on, we all had it!) I was ready to be sophisticated and grown-up. And sophisticated and grown up equals neutral eyeshadow, rosewood lips and natural blushes. My makeup bag looked like a minimalist dream until I reached the age of 30. Suddenly (and I blame You Tube Beauty Channels for that) there was a lust for color, at least in theory, and my ever expanding collection saw the addition of blues, greens and purples.

Today about one third of my collection is colorful. And the older I become, the smaller the urge for grown-up makeup looks gets. In fact, these days I experiment much more than I ever did before, simply because I

  1. am grown-up, no need to prove it to anyone and
  2. care less about what other people think appropriate, which is quite liberating.

So one of the looks I often wore to the office lately was blue eyeshadow, paired with orange lips. Not every day, as the title may suggest, but several days a week. Which, as any makeup lover out there will acknowledge, is an awful lot.


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Products used

Urban Decay Primer potion
MAC eyeshadow “All Races” (LE)
MAC eyeshadow (a pale pink)
Clarins Eye Quartet Mineral Palette Indigo
Manhattan Supreme Lash Volume Colorist (Review)
The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzer 02
Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector (Review)
Clinique Chubby Stick Lip Color Balm Oversized Orange


How about you? Still trying to look grown up or are you already beyond that stage? The older the bolder perhaps?


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