My Morning Skincare Routine – Summer 2017

When I say summer, I actually mean spring/ summer. Or even more precisely, the warmer months starting around April and lasting until end of September.


Morning Skincare Routine
Morning Skincare Routine


My skin is combination oily, aging and acne prone. Ever since I started using a prescription strength retinol a few times a week it can be dehydrated, but never dry. The t-zone gets pretty shiny throughout the day and I wear contacts, which means that my eyes can be sensitive when it comes to eye cream.

After letting you under my skin like that, prepare to be talked through my Morning Skincare Routine. Every single step.


If you want to see my actual products in action, please do watch the video in HD and on You Tube. But for convenience I listed all the steps I do underneath.


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The discussion about this step is probably as old as I am, and I, believe me, am pretty old. But yes, I do believe in cleansing my face in the morning, after sweating and sebum and what have you not had time to accumulate on my face. Gentle and with an uplifting scent is my preferred type. Right now I have the Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser in my stash, but the pixi Glow Mud Cleanser* (Review) or the Aurelia Miracle Cleansing balm (Review) would be great options as well.



I adore chemical exfoliants. They have helped so much with skin texture, hyper pigmentation and just overall experience that I don’t only use a strong chemical exfoliant once or twice a week, but also use a gentle version once a day for “upkeep”. Right now it is the Intytutum Resurfacing Glow Toner* (Review), but the pixi Glow Tonic (Review) would work just as good for a lower price.


Vitamin C and antioxidants

Whether you get them from a serum or, as I do here, from the pixi skin treats Vitamin Wakeup Mist * is down to personal preference, but Vitamin C and its ability to stimulate collagen production and brighten the face is a given in my routine. Antioxidants, claiming to combat free radicals and help reduce premature aging, are always welcome as well. Another, more pricey option would be the Instytutum Anti-Wrinkle Brightening Serum* (Review), but there are a few great Vitamin C products out there.



It took me a while to grab the true difference between dry and dehydrated skin, but when my skin started to “eat” my foundation, I knew I had to look into it. I find a serum to be the best step to get my hydration in, but there are mists, toners and essences as well, so you can easily find what works for you. My product of choice is the Qlabo Eauphoria* right now, but the pixi skin treats Hydrating Milky Serum* (Review) worked great as well. Not always available, but worth looking out for if you are on a budget was the Aldi version, the Lacura face Hydro Multi-Intensiv Serum (Review)



Again, debatable, but I do take a clear stand: I have been using eye creams for ages and for me they are a crucial step in my routine. Lightweight, but hydrating, non-irritating and preferably with SPF I have not yet found my holy grail, but I have to say the Lacura face Sensitive Eyecream works a charm and is great value for money.



The step I skip quite often in the summer. Shock horror, I know, but hear me out: When it is hot outside, SPF and foundation are already more than I can take, adding another layer is just not happening. I do not believe that every one needs a moisturizer. But for the days when it isn´t that summery, a lightweight product like the Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation will do the trick. Or, if foundation is not necessary, a tinted version like the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + Tinted.



Again, a step I never miss, be it summer or winter. I do have a dedicated post on new sunscreen products coming up soon, so I won´t go into much detail. My favorite facial SPF is still the ISDIN Fotoprotector Fusion Water SPF 50 though, lightweight, non greasy and works amazing under makeup.


And there you go, not exactly a full 10 step beauty regime, but quite a few steps now that I see it written down. How about you, is your routine more condensed?


All products with the exception of those marked with an (*) were purchased with my own money and all opinions are honest and my own. Some links used above may be affiliate links.
This is not a sponsored video.



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