My top three holiday nail polishes – Glitters and red

Red is a shade that symbolizes Christmas more than anything else for me. The red leaves of the poinsettia, red lipstick and – of course – red nails.

Not just any red, of course. No burgundy red, no pink red, no, a true red, maybe with a hint of glitter. Only a hint, mind you, I really can´t be bothered with the whole glitter polish removal process.

A little glitter, a little red, a little gold - all I want for the holidays
A little glitter, a little red, a little gold – all I want for the holidays

So if you are curious to know what has been gracing my nails this last month, have a look at my top three holiday nail polishes.

Chanel "Cinema"
Chanel “Cinema”

The sophisticated one

Until earlier this year, I was a complete Chanel virgin. No eyeshadow, no lipstick, no mascara had ever been in my possession, let alone a nail polish. To be honest, I had only heard horrible things about the quality of the nail polish, so I would have never thought about getting one myself.

But I did a blog swap earlier this year (read here if you want to know more), and in my parcel included was the Chanel nail polish in “Cinema” (27$, see here). I shrugged, painted my nails with this classic red and was instantly in love! Not only was one coat sufficient, but it stayed chip-free on my nails for 6 days, which is almost unheard of.

Now I am left wondering if everything I had heard before was false or if the polishes really do differ that much in quality? If you know more, please share!


Pure Euphoria nail polish in "Self Belief"
Pure Euphoria nail polish in “Self Belief”

The classic with a twist

Another classic red color, but this time infused with essential oils. “Self Believe” (14,95 €, see here) is from the “Confidence” nail polish line of Pure Euphoria, an Australian brand that claims to get you into a certain state of mind by scenting their polishes. All polishes are vegan and 5-free.

And while I can´t say if my self-esteem is boosted once I wear it, the formula really excites me. Again, one coat is sufficient and it lasts five days before I feel the need to take it off again, with tip-wear starting at day three.

If you want to see what other colors they have on offer, read my in-depth review here.


A little glitter, a little red, a little gold - all I want for the holidays
MAC “Bad Fairy”

The one with the hint of glitter

While the above mentioned polishes do make their appearance throughout the year, this one really is an holiday exclusive.

And this time, it is the color, not the formula that excites me. The shade is “Bad Fairy” by MAC, part of the “Venomous Villains” LE released in 2010, a beautiful duo chrome with fine glitter that looks either ruby red or has a hint of gold, depending on the light.

But MAC polishes weren’t the best in quality back then, and this one is no exception. I need three coats to get the color opaque, and usually it chips around day three. One reason why I rarely wear it, but the color is more than worth it!


What has been on your nails this Christmas?

And what do you think about Chanel nail polishes?


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