Necessary changes and my 39 weeks bump update

I may have mentioned it a few times before: I am quite a perfectionist. I can´t do things in a relaxed, easy way, and I struggle with giving myself a break.

And as much as I tell myself that blogging is a hobby and should be treated as such, the last weeks have seen me at my desk pretty much 9 to 5, writing, scheduling and ticking off to do lists.


Ostsee im Winter (9 von 9)
Unsure about the things to come…


Just like a full-time job. Only without the salary.

It all worked out very well. I have a lot of content prescheduled, some videos prerecorded and am pretty much set until May.

But with Peanut due in early March, the question will be how I continue then.


My honest answer: I don’t know. All I know is that there have to be some changes.

You see, I started doing You Tube videos in December. I just wanted to see if I liked it. (Cheeky link if you aren’t subscribed yet)

I don’t like it.

I love it. But it is a lot of work. Now I have no obligations, no fixed upload schedule to keep, no one telling me I have to do anything about that channel. Except myself. And I can be pretty persistent.

On top of that, I usually post three times a week. One blog post (pictures etc included) takes around three hours to write. Of course I could write less (not really, I am such a rambly person), I could publish only once a week (but there is so much to talk about!) or just take a break and see if I ever come back.

Maybe it will be a mixture of all of the above, maybe I will keep up with everything without problems. I guess I can´t plan that in advance.

And that is the hardest part for me.

But family will always have priority, and with Peanut possibly coming any day now (seriously, where did time go?), there will be necessary changes. So please bear with me when I am not around as much as I used to be.


Barely anything fits me anymore
Barely anything fits me anymore

39 weeks and how I feel

First of all, if you count back and wonder why 39 weeks all of a sudden, it is because my due date was changed to a week earlier.

And to be honest, I don’t mind. I really want to be done with being pregnant. The last weeks are so cumbersome, just getting up or sitting down feels like a burden and there is constantly something that feels uncomfortable.

My belly looks like it is going to explode any minute and I am pretty much as agile as a stranded whale. Keeping up with my daughter is a challenge. One I am loosing.

I somehow had forgotten about these last bits of pregnancy, but Mr. Loca assures me it was pretty much the same the first time: Lots of complaints and grumbling on my side.

That aside, I am grateful to have come this far without any health issues for me or Peanut, and I couldn’t be more excited to finally meet him soon.

But if you´d ask me right now if I plan on having more kids, the answer would be: No way!

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