New In from The Ordinary, Skintegra, Essie and Garnier



Yes, I did shop skincare in the many crazy sales that went on in November, mainly to stock up on my favorites that I know I love and that will get used over the course of the year. The products from The Ordinary, Skintegra, Essie and Garnier showed today aren‘t from that period though – the stuff ordered hasn‘t arrived yet.


New products from The Ordinary, Skintegra, Essie and Garnier
New in from The Ordinary, Skintegra, Essie and Garnier


Maybe the ones from The Ordinary are an exception – they sent me some of my staples in advance of their Slowvember sales.

What did you purchase?


Some staples from the Ordinary
Some staples from the Ordinary


New in from The Ordinary

I don‘t think the Squalane Cleanser from The Ordinary (240 ml for 29,10 €, video review here) needs an introduction – it has been a staple in the skincare community for a long time already. And even though I am not the biggest fan overall, I keep reaching for it for a quick precleanse after a sweaty workout, for short trips overnight, basically whenever I didn‘t want to use two, but also didn‘t want to risk upsetting my skin.

The Niacinamide + Zinc Serum (30 ml for 6 €, full review here) is one I have been using for years now. I personally get along very well with it despite it being at 10% (More info: The benefits of Niacinamide in skincare explained), always have some form of Niacinamide in my routine as it helps me tolerate my Tretinoin and like the antiinflammatory effect of the Zinc for when my skin starts acting up, something that usually happens around the holidays and come spring.

For the last one, the Glycolic Acid 7% Exfoliating Toner (100 ml for 9,30 €), I don‘t have a review as I don‘t use it on my face. I get it for my body, more specifically for the parts that get rough and bumpy when the cold creeps in. (More info: How to deal with Keratosis Pilaris or Chicken Skin) The dispenser and the quantity you get for the low price make it perfect for that. While I know that some people use it to prevent body odor, I never tried it for that purpose.


Skincare products from Skintegra
Skintegra – a brand that is new to me


New in from Skintegra

I admit I hadn‘t heard of the brand Skintegra yet when they reached out to me in October, so I took a closer look at their website first – I have become very picky in which brands I accept PR from, both because I just have that one face and second because I don‘t want to feature brands on here that at first glance already don‘t align with my values.

Skintegra is a brand from Kroatia, formulated with reactive and problematic skin in mind and founded in 2017. Their social engagement is based around animal shelters, safe housing for women and children in danger and small projects in local communities and from what I can see online, they are worth trying.

I picked the Melt Milk (200 ml for 19,50 €, full review coming soon) that is a gel to milk cleanser suitable for skin cleansing and makeup removal, and then a variety of their serums (they do have a lot!): The Superba C Serum (30 ml for 28,50 €, full review coming soon) because I can‘t resist a Vitamin C, even if it is „just“ a derivative, then the Infrared Serum (30 ml for 24, 50 €, full review coming soon) aiming to soothe irritated skin with Centella, Azelaic Acid, Oat Meal an Panthenol and lastly the Lunar Serum Concentrate (30 ml for 14,50 €, full review coming soon) aiming to hydrate and revitalize the skin with Peptides. For full transparency, the fact that I love all things moon and stars did play an important role in picking the last serum too, so let‘s hope it turns out well!


New in from Garnier and Essie
New in from Garnier and Essie


New in from the drugstore

Now these two are actually repurchases, two of the things used frequently, but not glamorous enough to be featured on here regularly.

The essie Top Coat Gel Couture (9 ml for 12,95 €, review here) has for more than a year now been the last step whenever I do my nails, not because of the look it gives (it is just basic shine like any other would give), but because I feel my polish lasts longer with less chipping when using it.

And the Garnier Fructis Multi-Use Wonder Oil (150 ml for 5,99 €) is the perfect mixture of actual oils and silicones to run through my hair before brushing to reduce breakage or to get rid of frizz. I still love and use the Olaplex No 7 Bonding Oil (30 ml for 23 €, full review here), but mainly after washing and before heat styling, not as frequent as the version from the drugstore.


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