New In skincare: Vegreen, L’Oréal, MAC and Catrice



Another month that I am proud to report that I didn’t acquire much new stuff – maybe a weird introduction for a New In post, but I have so much stuff I am still not done testing the things I acquired last October, getting a lot more would not only be wasteful, but also stress me out. I really don’t want to dream about being crushed under an avalanche of unopened serums…


New In makeup from Catrice, L'Oréal, MAC Cosmetics and Trend It Up.
New In makeup from Catrice, L’Oréal, MAC Cosmetics and Trend It Up.


So for this month New In, I have two skincare products by Vegreen, a fairly unknown K-Beauty brand, and again some makeup, this time by Catrice, L’Oréal, MAC Cosmetics and Trend it up (a German drugstore brand most are most likely not familiar with).

Let’s start with skincare and then look at the makeup a little more in detail – most of it will never get a dedicated review on here anyway!


Vegreen Rice Facial Wash Cleanser and Skin Barrier Reishi Serum
Vegreen Rice Facial Wash Cleanser and Skin Barrier Reishi Serum


New in Vegreen skincare

I am not sure if you are familiar with the brand Vegreen – it is a K-Beauty brand that I have been using for more than two years now but that doesn’t seem to be widely known, at least not in the circles I am in. Which is a shame, as their products are nice, affordable and come without exaggerated claims. Only the Vegreen Nature Mucin Serum and Toner have had a dedicated review on this blog already (More info: Vegreen Nature Mucin Serum and Esence Toner Review), but the Vegreen 730 Daily Moisture Cream made it into my favorites and my 2022 empties, so it is overdue being discussed here as well!

New in are the Vegreen Rice Facial Wash Cleanser (150 ml for 13 $, vegan), a mild gel cleanser aimed at sensitive skins, and the Vegreen Skin Barrier Reishi Serum (50 ml for 19 $, vegan), aiming to maintain a healthy skin barrier with fermented ingredients and Reishi Mushroom (More info: Are there benefits to using fermented ingredients in skincare).

I haven’t tried either (remember the unopend serum avalanche!), but am looking forward to doing that soon.


Catrice Tinted Serum Foundation
Catrice Tinted Serum Foundation


New In from Catrice Cosmetics

Maybe it is the upcoming spring, maybe it is acceptance that my skin does have changed and the full coverage, matte foundations I was so used to buying pre-pandemic don’t work for it anymore. Whatever it is, I seem to gravitate towards lighter formulations, and the latest one I picked up is the Catrice Nude Drop Serum Foundation (30 ml for 8,49 €, vegan). I have the shade 004N, which is more on the lighter side, especially as the coverage is stronger than I expected it to be from the name.

I still need to test it more before I can give you my full opinion – my skin isn’t at it’s best behavior after a long period of really cold weather – but what I can say other than that it has more coverage than I thought it would is that it is one of the few foundations I have come across in recent years that are best applied with your fingers. Yes, don’t act shocked, when I was young no one had fancy brushes, sponges or spatulas for that. Foundation was applied with your fingers and for the most part, it worked well enough. And you had less tools to clean, assuming you clean your hands on a regular basis anyway.


MAC Paintpot in Vintage Selection
MAC Paintpot in Vintage Selection


New In from MAC Cosmetics

I used to be a huge MAC fan, up to the point where I did even queue for their Limited Edition releases once or twice. That was a long time ago though, and while I still use almost exclusively MAC eyehadows, I haven’t purchased a lot from them over the last two years.

Their paintpots are brilliant products though amazing to wear on their own or as eyeshadow base, so I was delighted when a dear friend of mine gifted me Vintage Selection (5 g for 21 €) for my birthday. I took it with me to the mountains and wore it every single day, on its own during the day for just a little bit of sparkle, and in the evenings, after a touch-up due to time spend in the pool and sauna, as base for MAC Satin Taupe.

My love for MAC is surely rekindled!



L'Oréal Color Riche Glow Paradise Balm in 350 Rouge Paradise Sheer and 906 Blush Fantasy
L’Oréal Color Riche Glow Paradise Balm in 350 Rouge Paradise Sheer and 906 Blush Fantasy


New in from L’Oréal

Did I need more lipsticks? Probably not. But when I say those two, I figured a sheer balm would be great for everyday use while it is still colder and my lips have a tendency to get dry, so I picked up one L’Oréal Color Riche Glow Paradise Balm in 350 Rouge Paradise Sheer, a red, and one in 906 Blush Fantasy, a rosewood color (3,8 g for 10,95 €).

Both are beautiful, but neither extremely hydrating nor sheer, which kinds of defeats the purpose why I bought them, but I have still been wearing them a lot. Just with a thick layer of balm underneath…



trend it up nail polish in Polar Lights
trend it up nail polish in Polar Lights


New In from Trend It Up

You are most likely not familiar with the brand Trend It Up (unless you are from Germany), as it is a drugstore in-house brand that I haven’t seen mentioned intrenationally. I don’t really have an opinion on them either, as I don’t tend to purchase from them, but the beautiful nail polish in the color Polar Lights (one bottle for 1,45 €, LE) caught my eye. It is a multicolor green that has shimmer and changes color depending on how the light hits it.

Now I don’t have many nail polished left since I did a huge declutter two years ago, and most of them are different shades of red (no surprise here), but even out of these I usually just wear one, which is essie Bubbles Only.

Only time will tell if I trade the deep red on my nails for a multicolor green-blue or if that will, like many others, collect dust and remain an impulse buy I better had not made.


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