On my plate – Vegetable Hot Pot

In the life of every parent comes the moment when you decide to start feeding your child the same food you eat on a day to day basis.

In my life, this was a moment of truth.
I looked at what I had been eating for the last few weeks and suddenly realized that it had been neither wholesome nor nutritious and for sure not the kind of food I would want Little Bean to have.

And if your diet is that bad you wouldn’t want your child to eat that way, you´d better make some changes!

Nutritious, quick and suitable for children was my mission, and being that talkative person I am, I decided to take you with me and share some recipes.

Greens for Spring

First one on the menu: A Vegetable Hot Pot.

Please keep in mind: I don’t believe in following a strict diet. Neither do I do Low-Carb, cut out dairy completely, feel the need to eat gluten-free nor do I count calories. 
I am a part-time pescetarian due to the fact that most of the meat we get is full of antibiotics and that the animals suffer to keep up with the obscene amount of meat the western world consumes everyday. Part-time because my husband is a hunter, and I gladly eat the meat he brings home, for I know the game he gets me roamed the woods freely and wasn’t fed growth-inducing hormones.
Feel free to adapt the recipes to your own dietary needs and preferences.

When I grew up, my mother claimed I wouldn’t eat anything green. Of course that was a major exaggeration, but I was kind of picky with my vegetables.
One thing that I always loved though was sweet corn, so it was an obvious first choice as the main player in my Vegetable Hot Pot.

The ingredients:
– Sweet Corn
– Peas
– Green Beans
– Potatoes
– Feta Cheese
– Vegetable Broth
There are no indications of quantity as I usually just eyeball everything, but if you need reference, two big potatoes for any adult and two handful of each vegetable along with one 250 g feta cheese will get you some leftovers.


How to:
1. Peel and cut the potatoes
2. Boil the potatoes in the vegetable broth
3. About five minutes before the potatoes are done add the sweet corn, peas and beans
4. Another five minutes later (longer when the vegetables are still frozen) add the cut up feta cheese.
5. The cheese will melt and form a creamy, cheesy sauce with the not evaporated Vegetable Broth.

I usually make a big pot of this and take the leftovers to work the next day, as it tastes extra delicious heated up.
This recipe is gluten-free, contains no processed food but contains dairy/lactose.

If you serve this to small children, make sure you mush the peas and sweet corn so they don’t choke on them!

Little Bean loves it, I enjoy the fact that except from peeling the potatoes there is absolutely no preparation necessary and the cheesy flavor makes it the perfect comfort food when it is rainy and grey outside without being to heavy.
Ticks all my boxes!

What are your go-to healthy recipes?
And what is your favorite vegetable?

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