One pan to find them, to banish and light them – MACs Pro Conceal and Correct Palette

Please excuse my sad attempt at rhyming, but my fellow nerds are going to recognize my tribute to Lord of the Rings.
Everyone else please be informed that my love for Concealer and Corrector is epic!

Concealer is easily my most used item.
Scars from recent or long gone blemishes, redness in my skin and my grayish-purple under eye shadows, I never run out of things I want to hide.

When I discovered Corrector, it was like a makeup epiphany.
Bobby Brown and You Tube introduced me to peachy shades that instantly added the three hours of sleep you didn’t get, and even on a no makeup day I still conceal my under eye area.

MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette in Light
After going through three pots of Bobby Browns “Light Bisque”, I figured it was time to branch out and try something else.
And because my love for MAC is true, I turned to their counter first.

What MAC claims:
Suitable for all skintypes, enriched with antioxidants. Can be combined to perfectly adapt every skins color. 
Claims for the Studio Finish Concealer are long-lasting, water-resistant and lightweight.
The palette retails for 42 € here. It contains four Studio Finish Concealer shades and two Correctors, with a total net weight of 6g. For comparison, a single Studio Finish Concealer contains 7g and retails for 20,50 €.
The shades included in the “Light” palette are NC 15 and NW 10 (top row, left to right), NC 20 and NW 20 (middle row, left to right) and Pale Yellow and Pale Pink (bottom row, left to right).
NC15, NW10, NC20, NW20, Pale Yellow. Pale Pink
Watched these shades appear darker than they really are. NC20 is just a little to dark for my face at the moment, for reference.
The mentioned antioxidants are Vitamin A and E, but they are low on the ingredient list, so I reckon there isn’t very much included.
Does it live up to its claims?
Most of them.
The shades can be mixed to suit your individual skin color, and I really like that I can use this palette throughout the year, no matter whether I am tanned or not. Mixing C and W is great for neutral toned girls like me, and the Corrector in Pale Pink works great on dark shadows.
It is long-lasting, water-resistant (but not waterproof) and doesn’t brake me out despite being creamy on application.
As for the added antioxidants, I am just not sure whether I need them in my concealer. I guess they won’t hurt, but most likely do nothing for my skin either.
The one thing I can’t agree with is lightweight. There are heavier formulas out there for sure, but I can feel it when applying it and still some time after. 
This might be just the price you pay for the excellent coverage, and it doesn’t bother me, but it is by no means a lightweight formula.
Will I rebuy?
I really like it, but I´d rather buy two or three different concealers and a corrector and customize my own colors this way. You always end up using one shade much more often than the others, and while I have hit pan on Pale Pink and NC20, I barely made a dent in Pale Yellow and NW10.
And while I really like the texture on my faces, it doesn’t work too well on my under eye area, as it creases and emphasizes my lines.
Of course lightly contouring and highlighting your face would totally be an option to put all the colors to use, but I just don’t do this everyday. And I wouldn’t want to cover my whole face with this texture.
Who do I recommend it to?
Anyone who likes the Studio Finish Concealer and goes through different grades of tan throughout the year. 
Or people who work on clients and need a variety of different shades.
And people with an obsession for Concealers, like myself.
Do you custom mix your concealer shades?
Or don’t you even bother, just using foundation?

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