pixi Pat Away Concealer Base – To tattoo or not to tattoo

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I have to admit, I am a fickle person. And that is what has kept me from getting a tattoo so far.

See, I grew up in a time when having a tattoo was proof of time either served as marine or in jail, but things changed when I reached adolescence and suddenly they were everywhere.

Now most of my friends are tattooed, even Mr. Loca is, and I think it is a beautiful way of self-expression and an art.

Review: pixi Pat Away Concealer Base
pixi Pat Away Concealer Base


I decided long ago that I would get a tattoo as well. I was sure of the motif, the placement, everything. But I didn´t have the money and decided to save up for it. While in the process of saving, I changed my mind. First on the placement, then on the motif, then on the placement again.


And that got me thinking. Can I really truly commit to one thing permanently etched into my skin?

Jury is still out on that, but it might be the reason why I judge every concealers coverage on its ability to potentially cover a tattoo. Could the pixi Pat Away Concealing base * do that? Let´s find out.


The Claims

Conceal without revealing. Finally, we made the perfect concealer!

  • Concentrated yet skin-like
  • Elastic and long wearing with powerful antioxidant protection
  • Buildable for full coverage
  • Unique applicator sized like your finger with extra flocking for added softness and ease in blending
  • Not tested on animals
  • Paraben free


The Facts

Currently three shades are available, Cream, Nude and Warm, and each retails for 16 $ here. You get 3,8 g of product. It is quite concentrated, so you´ll only need a tiny amount.


pixi Pat Away Concealer Base
pixi Pat Away Concealer Base – the applicator


The Application

To be honest, the applicator wasn´t love at first sight. It looks strange to say the least, foreign, and I couldn´t quite imagine how it work in application. After giving it a good test, I can say that even though it does work, I prefer to put the product on the back of my hand and work with a brush from there. Only when using the pixi Pat Away Concealing Base for larger areas of my face I´ll use the applicator, but always go in with either my fingers or a brush for blending.


The Finish

Natural. Not matte, not dewy, it blends easily into my skins. In finish, that is. Sadly it had the tendency to sink into my pores when applied on my cheeks and to crease and settle into fine lines under my eyes. A primer underneath and setting powder on top could prevent that, but if you are a beauty with life experience showing on your face, you´ll need to go the extra step.


The Coverage

Medium. Buildable, but definitely not enough to cover a tattoo. Which isn´t what you use a concealer for anyway. It covers active spots very well, but struggles a little with hyperpigmentation or brown acne scars.

pixi Pat Away Concealer Base
My birthmark without product
pixi Pat Away Concealer Base
Product applied, unblended
pixi Pat Away Concealer Base
The maximum coverage I can achieve


The Feeling

Lightweight. Once you applied it, you´ll not notice it on your skin whatsoever.


The Weartime

Without added measures four to six hours, with primer, powder and setting spray a full work day of around ten hours.


The Skintypes

Normal skin, oily skin, combination skin – all of these will get along with the product very well.

If you have dry patches though, it might cling to them, and if pores are a big (haha) concern, you´ll probably need something else too.


The Final Verdict

I like it, but I don´t love it. And surely this is not the “perfect concealer” as the brand claims. But I like it on spots, the color works very well with my winter pale skin and as an added bonus I can use it to enhance the coverage (and add some highlight) around nose, chin and forehead when I only wear a light base.


Review: pixi Pat Away Concealer Base
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But on to more pressing matters: Do you have (or plan) a tattoo?


If I would end up getting tattooed, Berlin would probably the place to get one. I recently went there and vlogged the whole experience.


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