Sally Hansen Miracle Gel “Spice Age” – A glimpse of the future?

If you are wondering now, why I titled this “A glimpse to the future” when the “(Sp)Ice Age” is clearly history, it just shows that you are way younger than I am.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel "Spice Age" and top coat
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel “Spice Age” and top coat


Of course I have seen and enjoyed the Ice Age series, and I am almost 100% sure that this is where the inspiration for the name came from. But when I read it, the first thought was “Dune”. Dune? Blue eyes? Spice?

Oh my… Now I feel old.

It is a movie released in 1984, based on a series of books, and while it is slightly strange and confusing, it was all the rage when I was younger. It has nothing to do with nail polish though, but it is Sci-Fi, and the assertion Sally Hansen made with “up to 14 days wear time” did sound futuristic to me.

Never mind.

Let´s see if Sally Hansens Miracle Gel nail polish in “Spice Age” did live up to the claim.


What Sally Hansen claims:

Two steps. Up to 14 days of color & shine. Easy removal. No light needed. The next best thing to a salon gel manicure.



Sally Hansen nail polishes come in a wide variety of colors and is ready available at drugstores. I got mine at DM and payed 11,99 € in store, which is exactly what I would pay online here. Included are 14,7 ml.

If you are using the range for the first time, you need to get the corresponding top coat (again 11,99 € here). Of course any other top coat would work as well, but the “up to 14 days” are related to using both.

The brush is a smaller than I personally prefer, but easy to work with. I needed two coats for an opaque finish. Despite using thin layers of color, I found the drying time to be longer than I am used to, especially the top coat did take a while to fully dry.

And the duration on my nails? See for yourself. I took this picture on day seven.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel "Spice Age" after seven days on my nail
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel “Spice Age” after seven days on my nail


Minor tip wear, one big chip, but still with a nice shine (a little duller than directly after application). If the shine compares to a salon gel manicure is beyond me to judge, as I never had one. To be honest, I didn’t notice much difference to my regular top coat in terms of finish.

I took it off on day eight, when major chipping started. Just as promised it was easy to remove.


Does it live up to its claims?


Due to the fact that they claim “up to” 14 days, so anything between 2 and 14 days is going to count. But without being petty, on my nails seven days are quite impressive.

About the “next best thing to a salon gel manicure” – That is for someone else to evaluate.


Will I rebuy?


Another color, obviously, but I really enjoy the formula. And of course I will try if I can get 7 days out of it using another top coat.


Who do I recommend it to?

If your nail polish chips easily, these might be worth giving a try. It is one of the longer-lasting formulas on my nails.

If you enjoy high-shine nails and a variety of colors, go get your fix.

But if you are on a budget, I guess there are cheaper alternatives around that really do come close.


Now enlighten me: Have you seen “Dune”?

And have you tried any Sally Hansen polish yourself?


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