Serenity and Confidence are just one swipe away – Pure Euphoria Nail Polish

When I watch the Little Beans reactions to the world around her, I can’t help but wonder when her High-Self is going to kick in and put a filter on all the excitement.

Colors, sounds and smells trigger emotions within a second, and as she isn’t judging them yet, they are there for the world to see.

Growing up, we learn to conceal our emotions as well as our under eye circles.
But the emotional shortcuts stay, even though hidden, and we use them more often than we think.

Scented candles and a bubble bath for relaxation.
A red lip for conquering the world.
Blue toned light and white noise to destress and focus.

Nail Polish and Chocolate. What more could a girl want?

And starting today: Nail polish to enhance our goals.

Pure Euphoria is a new Australian brand, infusing their polishes with essential oils to help getting into a certain state of mind.

What Pure Euphoria claims:
Enjoy the look of the beautiful colors and experience the aroma (for around 24 hours) while the essential oils are soaking into your body.
Uplift your mind and body with our range of Abundance, Confidence, Focus and Serenity – breathe in beautiful pure essential oils and breathe out pure pleasure.
Pure Euphoria nail polish is fragrant when dry.

One bottle contains 15 ml of product and retails for 14,95 € on the Pure Euphoria website. You can switch to your own currency on the website, which helps keeping track of your expenses. (I have to confess I don’t know the exchange rate from € to AUD by heart)

All polishes are 5 free, meaning there is no Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde Resin or Camphor added.
They are vegan and not subject to animal testing.

The brush

I prefer my brushes wider (think Essie or Maybelline) than the ones in these bottles, but they had just the right amount of “stiffness” to be easy to work with.

In total, the range is divided into the following lines:
– Abundance (Ylang-Ylang)
Helps increase intuition and minimizes fear of the unknown – promotes movement in new directions to achieve your dreams.

– Confidence (Lime, Neroli, Sweet Orange, Cedarwood Atlas and Yang-Ylang)
It releases negative emotions to build confidence and self-love. Boosts energy.

– Focus (Peppermint)
Helps to relieve anxiety and irritation, to feel more stable and be able to concentrate.

– Serenity (Lavender)
Calms, relaxes and brings balance, eases anger and frustration.

What makes or breaks the deal when wearing nail polish for me isn’t the scent, but finish, wear-time and pigmentation.

The finish is high-shine, borderline metallic, which I like a lot.
Obviously you skip the top coat, or else you wouldn’t be able to smell the essential oils, which are noticeable for about one day as claimed. Whenever I held my hand close to my face, a trace of lavender or peppermint would greet my nose.

If they really worked? Well, I wore “Inspiration” from the Focus line to write this post, so just count the spelling mistakes and see for yourself…

The colors:

“Self Belief”, one coat on the nails

“Self Belief” (Confidence):
A true red, slightly on the warmer side. Opaque in one coat, slight tip wear on day three. I took it off after five days without major chipping.
My favorite color out of the four.

“Heaven”, two coats on the nail

“Heaven” (Serenity):
A pearly white. This needed two coats, as one turned a little streaky. Slight tip wear after four days, I took it off after five without major chipping.
My least favorite color, I guess it will look prettier on deeper skin tones.

“Inspiration”, two coats on the nails

“Inspiration” (Focus):
A deep purple without shimmer. I used two coats, because one just wasn’t opaque everywhere. It lasted five days without chipping.

“Absolute Luxury”, two coats on the nail.

“Absolute Luxury” (Abundance):
A warm, yellow gold without bronze, opaque in two coats. Lasted five days without chipping. I think this will look very pretty on deeper skin tones.

Would I (re-)buy?
Judging by finish, wear-time, pigmentation and color range, definitely yes.
The one thing holding me back is the expenses on shipping nail polish from Australia to Europe. Shipping is free when you reach 100 AUD, but that would be quite a lot of nail polish.

Who would I recommend it to?
If you are a firm believer in the benefits of essential oils, this is a must have.
If, like me, you are a firm “Yes, may be and at least it won’t hurt”, but you are looking for something special, this is for you.
Essential Oils aside, it is a lovely polish with a great brand attitude and a very nice color range. And certainly something not many people own.

Did you try scented nail polish before?
Or are you into diffusing essential oils in general?
What scent puts you in a certain mood instantly?

These products were sent to me by the manufacturer for consideration. All opinions are honest and my own.

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