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A little over three years ago, on August 24th 2014, a tired and worn out mother decided to hit publish on her first ever blogpost.

You may have guessed it, that mother was me.

After reading blogs and watching You Tube for more than six years I decided I wanted to create instead of consume. And as much as I would love to tell you that this decision was based on the fact that I knew I had valuable content to contribute (ha!), it wasn´t.


Skincare Favorites Giveaway
Skincare Favorites Giveaway


My daughter had just turned six month, and after spending many years working 60+ hours a week, treating critical ill patients and disputing antibiotic treatments, I was not doing great being a stay at home mum.


Don´t get me wrong, being able to stay at home while my kids were still so small, being able to spend every waking hour with them, see them grow up, smile, all that was both rewarding and incredibly exhausting. But with Mr. Loca still working 60+ hours a week I was hungry for adult talk. Not in an x-rated way. Just in a way that would not include feeding, nappy rashes and baby poo.

Three years later my daughter is 3 and a half, my son is one year and five months and this blog has lasted three years. Through a second child, a move, a change of career and through Mr. Loca calling me completely crazy for the amount of work that I put into it.

And even though I think I have evolved through these last years, both in writing and in photography, I will not bother giving you blogging advice. My first ever published blogposts, read here and here, will speak for themselves.

So instead of advice, I will give you stuff. Stuff I have tried and loved over the last few years, stuff that I will talk about more in the video underneath. Which of course I recommend you watch on You Tube and in HD, you know the drill!


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Thank you for sticking with me through these last years, thank you for being part of my journey and thank you for the continuous support.

I am still tired, but I am no longer bored!

Oh, and good luck!

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