So this “Strobing” thing… – MAC Mineralize Foundation SPF 15 Loose in “Light”

Have you heard of “Strobing”?
Of course you have, it is hard not to if you are into beauty and makeup.
Everyone and their grandma is going on about it, and even though I boldly claimed you wouldn’t hear me talking about it anytime soon, here I am.

But not with a “Strobing” tutorial, because I am the last person able to fill you in on it´s secrets.
To be honest I don’t even get the whole “new thing” attitude people take, to me it just seems like strategically placed highlighter that is blended well. Am I missing something here?

So what is my point?
I guess my point is that even though I vowed not to give into this hype, I noticed me reaching for a different kind of base lately.
One I have owned and shunned for several years now because of the slightly dewy finish it gives.
A finish that I enjoy more than I ever thought possible this summer.
Blame it on the strobing slowly getting to me, here is MAC Mineralize Foundation SPF 15 Loose in “Light”.

Now since I bought it (2010) they have changed the packaging and gotten rid of the included powder sponge you were meant to use for application.
That is a very good thing, because despite getting a second sponge to change them up and wash them in between uses I was always worried about hygiene. Plus the sponges didn’t hold up to well.

The sponge, looking battered despite not being used.

What MAC claims:
A silky, mineral-rich powder foundation that brushes on to deliver medium buildable coverage and a radiant look. Gives skin a smooth, natural dimensional finish with exceptional luminosity and a velvet-soft, comfortable feel.

One pot contains 9,5g and retails for 37,50 € at MAC  or for up to 70 € on Amazon (don’t ask why, I have no idea).
There are nine colors to choose from, ranging from “Extra Light” to “Deep Dark”.

I will not go into detail on the ingredients (it is a makeup product, not skincare after all) but I wanted to share that the SPF comes from physical sunscreens like Titanium and Zinc Oxide and that there are some added “beneficial ingredients” as Vitamin E and Wheat Germ Oil.

For application I use a Kabuki brush and buff the powder into my skin. Due to the packaging it isn’t completely mess-free, but works much better than having to rely on the (gross looking) powder sponge in the lid.

MAC Mineralize Foundation SF 15 on my Kabuki

The coverage is light, buildable to medium while feeling like a light dusting of powder on my skin. My skins texture looks refined, more even and is silky-smooth to the touch. Yes, I do touch my face several times a day, even though I know I shouldn’t.
And it is luminous, giving you the often praised “lit from within” glow without being shimmery at all.  Last year I would accept nothing but a full on matte face, but somehow my preferences seem to have changed…

On days where my skin is extra oily, I will need to blot around my T-zone halfway though the day. Staying powder isn’t exceptionally long, I need to reapply around twice if I want it to last a whole working day. This is average for a powder foundation on my skin.

Now let´s take a look how it looks on my face.
1. No foundation, no concealer. (And no freckles, that is hyper pigmentation aka sun damage)

No foundation, no concealer. Bare skin.

2. MAC Mineralize Foundation, no concealer. Redness and hyperpigmentation look less visible, the finish is very natural and luminous.

MAC Mineralize Fondation SPF 15 Loose on my skin

Does it live up to its claims?
I don’t know if the mineral-rich part is very important, I rely on my skincare to fix my skin, but the finish, the texture and the coverage are just as claimed.

Will I rebuy?
It is perfect for hot summer days where you just can´t be bothered to cover your face in liquid of any sorts and just want a little help while looking natural.

Who do I recommend it to?

Anyone looking for a natural finish that doesn’t need too much coverage.
If you have major skin issues to cover, the coverage will be too light, and if you are exceptionally dry it probably won’t be rich enough for you, but everyone one else give it a go.
It is perfect for natural makeup days and easy and quick in application.
Have you tried this one before?
And what is your take on strobing?
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