Sunscreen – All you need to know

There are things out there that have changed a lot ever since I was a kid.

You see, when I was 18, my first ever mobile was about as long as my forearm.

If I wanted to check my eMails I had to manually connect a modem that would then dial with amazing, beeping sounds.

And the average sunscreen sold was coconut scented and had SPF 4.


Sunscreen - All you need to know-2


Yes, things have changed a lot, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Now don’t get me wrong, I do love a good coconut scent. But SPF 4? We have come a long way since then!


And because skincare, prevention and protection are very close to my heart, I sat down and talked to you about everything I have learned about sunscreen.

Which is a lot, so you probably want to get a drink to go with the video.


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Products mentioned

  • Lancaster Suncare Beauty Full Light Protection SPF50 (here)
  • Eucerin Mattifying Sun Fluid SPF 50+ (Review here)
  • Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturizing anti-UV mist SPF 30 (here)
  • ISDIN Fusion Water SPF 50+ (here)


So please tell me: Do you apply sunscreen regularly?

And which products are your favorites?


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