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It is rare that I stray from my preferred mascara wand, yet the SWEED Cloud Mascara made me do just that and what can I say? I don’t regret it in the slightest!


A tube of SWEED Cloud mascara, turquoise with white clouds
The SWEED Cloud mascara in Black


I think it was Wayne Goss that said in one of his YouTube videos that it isn’t actually the formula you love about your favorite mascara, but the wand and that you should just keep that style of wand at hand and every mascara would work for you – something like that. I still haven’t figured out if that is always true, but I have been gravitating towards the same type of wand ever sine and raley have been disappointed: Natural bristles and a thick cone shape.

So how did I end up with this one?




What the SWEED Cloud Mascara claims

A clean mascara that gives maximum volume and limitless length in a blink. The unique Cloud Mascara wand delivers a beautiful volumizing effect and precisely separates each and every lash from root to tip for a dramatic fan-like effect that takes your lashes beyond your imagination.


Facts about the SWEED Cloud Mascara

Prize and size

The mascara contains 12 ml and is available for 28 € on the website here. It comes in two colors, black and brown, but even if I was convinced to stray from my favorite type of wand, you will most likely not see me wearing brown mascara. I know about the whole “looks much softer” theory, but I simply can’t have that. I want my mascara to be jet black.


The wand

Now I said in the introduction that I prefer my wands to be thick and with bristles, which apparently gives volume and fullness, but can also easily lead to lashes clumping together – a very common problem for me, now that I think of it. The wand in the SWEED Cloud mascara is made from rubber, thinner and slightly tapered to the end. According to a guide I found on Cosmopolitan magazine these ones are great for separation and length as well as getting every single lash, even the ones in the corner that are often left out.


Close up of the wand of the SWEED Cloud mascara, made from short rubber bristles and slightly tapered
The wand is made from short rubber bristles and slightly tapered


How does the SWEED Cloud mascara perform on my lashes?

While I wouldn’t actually call it volumizing, I do love the effect it has on my lashes. There is still a little bit of clumping when I pile it on (might be a me-problem related to said piling on), but lots of length and beautiful definition. It doesn’t weigh my lashes down either, very important to me as mine are quite straight to begin with, and stays all day without smudging,

Apparently it is water resistant, not water proof, but I haven’t worn it for swimming yet. Thanks to the temperamental German spring I can assure you that it survives a good down pour you get caught in while biking though. That would explain why it isn’t the easiest to remove at night, you definitely need a good, preferable oil-based cleanser for that.


SWEED Cloud mascara on the lashes
On my lashes from the side


SWEED Cloud mascara on the lashes
SWEED Cloud mascara


SWEED Cloud mascara on the lashes
SWEED Cloud mascara on the lashes


Final verdict

I barely have reached for another mascara since getting the SWEED Cloud Mascara in the mail, which says a lot for me. I usually tend to have at least two different ones on rotation all the time, so it is safe to say that I am a fan.



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