Thoughts on being a 30+ blogger

There are age categories for everything, and usually I don’t pay them much attention.

My skincare for example ranges from products aimed at teenage skin to an ampoule targeted at skin 60+ (here is the latest routine).


Thoughts on being a 30+ blogger
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Age is a number and a privilege and doesn’t define us. Or does it?

A few days ago my fellow “mature” blogger Toni from Sheer Gloss and I chatted on Twitter about blogging after you reach a certain age.

Which sounds awful. Mature, certain age… I am still the one giggling at immature jokes and dancing in the kitchen at 2 am to my favorite song, I don’t spend my days knitting in a rocking chair quite yet.

But maybe I look like I do, as opposed to someone that just hit their early 20s. Which is why people in their early 20s tend to relate more to someone their age.

Absolutely fine, of course. I identify with someone my age better as well, as I can relate to their experiences and life situation with ease. So if people in their 20s read blogs written by people in their 20s, people in their 40s will probably read blogs written by people in their 40s.

Not a problem?

That depends. People 40+ don’t use social media with ease. At least the majority of them doesn’t. None of the beautiful (and beautyinterested) women in my circle of friends uses Instagram, Twitter and the likes to catch up on blogs. Two of them at least know (and use) bloglovin.


Thoughts on being a 30+ blogger
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My point? These women don’t find blogs with the same ease as someone basically living on social media does. So how do you get them to find your blog if the main accepted way of promoting your posts is via said social media?

I don’t really have the answer. Word of mouth, probably. Friends that tell friends. Lucky stars that align and lead to meeting the other older bloggers that actually use social media (Shireen, Dorota, Siobhán, Dagmara, Kate, Rena, Toni, Yiota, just to mention a few).

But growth will be slow, sometimes stagnant. And that will lead to what Toni very rightly said: The feeling of being invisible among all the other bloggers out there.

What are your thoughts on the topic? Let’s chat in the comments below.


Oh, and my latest vlog for proof: Not a single rocking chair in sight!

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